Communications Committee

Communications Committee


The purpose of the Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs (OAFC) Communications Committee is to provide guidance and advice on matters relating to communications in the fire service as it relates internally, rather than public facing communications such as public safety campaigns.  The Communications Committee will oversee a wide range of files including, but not limited to: Dispatch services, Next Generation 9-1-1, Public Safety Broadband Network, Public Safety Radio Network, EMS TIFF, and Fire Service Notifications such as Simultaneous Dispatch. The Communications Committee will make recommendations to the Board of Directors. Information will then flow through the association office to OAFC members relating to matters addressed at the committee meetings.

Scope of the OAFC Communications Committee

The Communications Committee is expected to raise, discuss, and address issues of concern that affect OAFC members which relate to internal fire service communications and dispatching rather than public facing communications. The committee is expected to direct recommendations, to the Board of Directors for further action and/or resolution.  This committee will also address issues submitted to them by the Board for deliberation and recommendation.

Role/Authority of the OAFC Communications Committee

Committee roles include the discussion of fire service management, organization, and legislation, as well as the delivery of fire protection services through a diversity and inclusive lens.  Committee members are responsible for environmental scanning and maintaining situational awareness to ensure that the committee is well positioned to address emerging issues. The committee may engage in discussion, research, data collection and the review of existing or emerging procedures or guidelines. The committee may invite speakers or content experts, as approved by the Executive Director. The committee will report to the Board for further action or resolution of issues. Meeting minutes will be maintained by the appointed OAFC staff representative and will be posted on the OAFC website for member reference.

OAFC Communications Committee Minutes


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