Registration, Return, Events and Advertising Policies

Registration, Return, Events and Advertising Policies

Web Advertising/Posting Policy

The OAFC actively accepts web advertisements in recognition of the benefits that such advertising may benefit the advertiser’s purposes, and support the OAFC in its mission, vision, initiatives and mandates.

Core Principles

The integrity and credibility of the OAFC and its members shall be the overriding consideration in all web advertising activities. It is in the best interest of the OAFC, its subsidiaries, advertisers and sponsors to ensure that web advertisements remain a trusted, credible source of information for our members and the public.

We recognize that web advertising opportunities must be pursued only as they do not impede the following core principles:

  • Editorial independence,
  • Brand credibility,
  • Consistency and non-competitive of the OAFC’s events, initiatives, mandates, mission, vision and values,
  • Does not compete with OAFC subsidiaries, including Ontario Fire Administration Inc.

The advertising guidelines are applied to ensure adherence to these core principles, to determine the eligibility of any postings, products and services for advertising.

The OAFC has sole discretion to determine the types of advertising that will be accepted and displayed on its website. The OAFC currently offers the following web advertisements:

  1. Job Postings
  2.  Associated Events
  3. Training Events
  4. Used Equipment Ads
  5. Request for Proposals


The OAFC sets all fees for web advertising and offer member and non-member rates.  All web advertisements must comply with our eligibility criteria listed below and our core principles, listed above. The table below describes all fees associated with web advertisements.

Type of Web Advertisement

Member Rate

Non-Member Rate

Job Posting



Used Equipment Ads*

Type 1:  Used Equipment Ad



Type 2:  Seeking Equipment



Type 3:  Donating Equipment



* Used equipment ads are subject to an expiration date as set by the OAFC.

Associated Events/Training

Type 1: No Charge Event/Training Ad:   The event/training must be offered at no cost to attendees, and complies with eligibility criteria and our core principles.  No charge postings are subject to approval, and is at the sole discretion of the OAFC Executive Director.



Type 2:  Single Event/Training Ad:  The event/training offered has a cost to attendees that is under $100, and complies with eligibility criteria and our core principles



Type 3:  Single Event/Training Ad:  The event/training offered has a cost to attendees that is over $100, and complies with eligibility criteria and our core principles



Type 4:  Multiple Event /Training Ads: One year subscription: 

The subscription includes a maximum of 10 postings per month.  Revisions to web ads already posted are charged an additional fee, based on the amount of revisions.  This is at the discretion of the OAFC. All event/training ads must comply with eligibility criteria and our core principles. 



Request for Proposals (includes one e-communication)



(All fees are subject to HST and are in CDN funds)


Web advertisements for jobs, events, training events, used equipment, services and sponsor messages that compete with those offered by the OAFC, are not eligible for posting. Exceptions may be made, and any such decisions will be determined in accordance with the stated review process below.

The OAFC does not endorse any third party events, jobs, used equipment, products or services that are advertised on its site. In no event shall the OAFC's acceptance of any web advertisement be considered an endorsement of the product, event, job or service advertised, or for the organization or company that, distributes, or promotes such products or services.

The OAFC will not accept web advertising that, in OAFC's opinion, is not factually accurate. In addition, advertising must not contain false or misleading claims, or offensive material, including material that misrepresents, ridicules, or attacks an individual or group on the basis of age, color, national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or handicap.

The OAFC will not accept web advertising related to any of the following: alcohol, firearms, ammunition, fireworks, gambling, pornography, tobacco, or any other product, service, event or job that conflicts with our core principles, mission/vision and mandates. In addition we will not accept advertising that is in direct conflict with Ontario Fire Administration Inc. CTS program. Web advertising also must not promote products that are illegal or whose distribution would violate the law, advocate a political, religious or controversial public position or candidate for public office.

The OAFC maintains a distinct separation between web advertising and editorial content.  Web advertising on OAFC's website shall be clearly and unambiguously identified as such, and the OAFC will not accept any web advertising on its site that is not so identified. Clicking on a link within the web advertisement, will be directed to the advertiser's site. The OAFC is not responsible for the content in the ad posted on our website, or content on the advertiser's site.  Headline news (news aggregates) or third party content (links to blogs, newsletters etc.), does not constitute as OAFC editorial content, and is not endorsed by the OAFC, moreover it constitutes as a collection of information pertaining to the interests of chief officers. 

The OAFC may wish to create special advertorial sections of its website, consisting of content from its advertisers and sponsors. Content that is created, provided or influenced by an advertiser on OAFC's site is clearly and unambiguously identified as "From Our Sponsor" or "Provided By" the advertiser. Such advertiser content is subject to editorial review by the OAFC. Any content in these areas that OAFC provides is clearly identified.

The OAFC or its subsidiary companies shall not be liable for any damages, claims, liabilities, costs or obligations arising from the use or misuse of web advertising material or sponsorship information that appear, whether such obligations arise in contract, negligence, equity or statute law. No guarantee or warranty is made as to the quality, accuracy, completeness, timeliness, appropriateness or suitability of the web advertising material or sponsorship information provided.

Review Process

This policy will be reviewed regularly by the OAFC Executive Director and/or Board of Directors. The OAFC reserves the right to make any changes, at any time. Such changes will be in accordance with our core principles and the revised document will be posted on our website at

Event Registration Policy

The Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs (OAFC) and it's affiliates holds regular annual events for purposes of education and networking.  The OAFC has a registration function on this website.  Users of the registration function agree that, subject to the Privacy Policy posted on this site, their information can be used to contact them in connection with the event and any other contact deemed necessary for running its events, subject to the laws governing sound internet practices.   By using the registration functions on this website, users acknowledge that the OAFC reserves the right to change the venue, time and date of the event with reasonable notice and offer reasonable alternatives, including refunds where applicable. Cancellation of an event caused by any calamity, attack, or act of God, beyond the control of the OAFC and its agents does not constitute grounds for a refund. It is the user's responsibility to abide by the cancellation policy of each event. The OAFC reserves the right to refuse to register any individual from attending an OAFC event for any reason, and is under no obligation to provide justification for such a decision. Payments in relation to events are processed by a third-party service provider. The OAFC assumes no liability for those using the registration function or payment function, and the user accepts that any dispute with regard to payment or distribution or use of information collected by the payment service provider with be raised directly with the service provider.  Users of the registration function should allow three business days to process invoices.  If you don't receive an order confirmation, please contact the office at 905-426-9865.

Merchandise Return Policy

All returns/exchanges are subject to approval.  Returns and exchanges for merchandise must be made within 30 days from date of purchase with original receipt.  Any item marked "final sale" will not be eligible for a return or exchange.  Returned items must be in unused, re-saleable condition and in its original packaging.  Please contact the OAFC office for a return authorization prior to shipping merchandise back to our office. Returns must be shipped pre-paid. Returns shipped COD will not be accepted.  Merchandise returned for the purpose of an exchange will be shipped directly at the purchasers expense.  We do not accept returns/exchanges of book materials including Standards, the Ontario Fire Department Directory, Directory Labels or Checklists.  The OAFC is not responsible for any loss or damages caused in-transit by third-party shippers.

OAFC Logo Use Policy

Any materials containing the Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs logo is subject to approval by the Ontario
Association of Fire Chiefs before such material is produced. This includes any type of print, embroidery,
web graphics etc. The Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs will not be responsible for any costs associated
with “un-approved” use. Unapproved use will subject you to our Copyright policies.