Section 21 Firefighter Guidance Notes

Section 21 Firefighter Guidance Notes

Firefighter Guidance Notes

Best practices for protecting the health and safety of fire service workers in Ontario. 

The Fire Service Section 21 Guidance Notes have now available and posted on the website.  They will no longer be available on the OAFC and other affiliated websites.

This section of the website now contains 71 guidance notes and as others are finalized, they will be added there.

Some of the features include:

  • All guidance notes are now available in English and French
  • Guidance notes are formatted to meet all accessibility and public posting requirements
  • The guidance notes now contain direct links to references and other documents (as an examples, were a guidance note now references a resource such as the electrical safety handbook, that is now a direct link)
  • Where a guidance note contains a reference to another guidance note it is now available as a direct link
  • Each guidance note was reviewed and language and references modernized as part of the re-formatting process

To access, please visit one of the following links: