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The Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs (OAFC) represents the Chief Fire Officers from the 442 Fire Departments across the province in leading innovation and excellence in Public and Life safety! The Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs does not solicit for donations.

Important News & Updates‚Äč

July 4, 2019: Fire Marshals' Communique - Ontario Regulation 378/18 Community Risk Assessment
The Ontario Regulation 378/18 that was filed on May 8, 2018 came into force on July 1, 2019. This regulation, made under the Fire Protection and Prevention Act, 1997 (FPPA) requires all municipalities and fire departments in territories without municipal organization to complete a community risk assessment.....read more
July 2, 2019: New Request for Proposal posted, Township of Wainfleet Fire & Emergency Services, Analogue VHF Gear Replacement... find more information here

July 2, 2019: CASA Ontario Regional Group Golf Tournament... For registration and more information visit here

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