About the OAFC

About the OAFC

The Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs (OAFC) was established in 1952 to lead innovation and excellence in public and life safety. To achieve this, we provide a recognized, authoritative voice for all matters relating to the management and delivery of fire and emergency services in Ontario. 

The OAFC works cooperatively with the provincial government, key stakeholders and other organizations to promote excellence and innovation in the areas of education and training, legislation and public policy, and fire and membership services. We are the trusted advisor to the provincial government, key stakeholders and media on matters relating to public and firefighter safety in Ontario.

Furthermore, the OAFC represents over 700 chief fire officers from across Ontario. These chief officers are ultimately responsible, by statute, for the management and delivery of fire, rescue and emergency response to the province’s 15 million residents.

There are 437 fire departments in Ontario, divided into 32 career/full-time fire departments, 210 composite (career and volunteer) fire departments, and 195 volunteer/part-time fire departments. Those departments are comprised of 30,716 firefighters in total, including 18,281 volunteer firefighters, 11,971 career/full-time firefighters, and 464 part-time firefighters.


The Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs (OAFC) is a not-for-profit Corporation. This section outlines the governance structure of the association. Includes information about the Fire Services Section 21 Committee and OFM Resources.

Mission, Vision, Values Read the OAFC’s mission, vision, and values statements—including our DEI vision—which collectively form the foundation for all association activities.
News and Notices Stay on top of important news and updates from the OAFC, as well as notices and announcements from other areas of Ontario's fire service.
Contact the OAFC Find our contact information here, and access our web-based contact form. You can also find a link to specific contacts at our Board office.
Affiliated Organizations Check out the various fire service-related organizations and associations that the OAFC supports.