OAFC Membership Advisory Committee

OAFC Membership Advisory Committee


The purpose of the Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs Membership Committee is to address matters of OAFC Memberships and benefits and to make recommendations to the Board of Directors.  Information will then flow through the association office to OAFC members relating to matters addressed at the committee meetings.

Scope of the OAFC Membership Advisory Committee

The Membership Advisory Committee is expected to raise and discuss issues of concern that affect OAFC members, which relate to Membership in the OAFC. The committee is expected to direct recommendations, via the chair, to the Board of Directors for further action or resolution.  This committee will also address issues submitted to them by the Board for deliberation and recommendation.

Role/Authority of the OAFC Membership Advisory Committee

Committee roles include the discussion of all matters relating to the OAFC membership types and members, which includes Codes of Conducts. The committee, or assigned members, may engage in discussion, research, data collection and the review of existing or emerging procedures or guidelines.  The committee may invite speakers or content experts as approved by the Executive Director. The committee will report back to the Board of Directors for further action or resolution of issues.  Meeting minutes will be maintained by the appointed OAFC staff representative and will be posted on the OAFC website for member reference.

OAFC Membership Advisory Committee Minutes


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