Muster Location, Parking and Shuttle Details for Saturday's Memorial Service

Muster Location, Parking and Shuttle Details for Saturday's Memorial Service


6 buses will be running on a continuous loop on the route (map included below).
As you may be aware, the Loyalist Township Emergency Services Department experienced tragedy this week with the Line of Duty Death of Fire Fighter Patrick Pidgeon.

Please find below visitation and funeral information along with parking details for those wishing to attend the visitation or funeral.
Dress Uniform/ class A

Friday July 22nd from 1300-1500 and 1800-2100
James Reid Funeral Home
1900 John Counter Blvd. Kingston ON K7M 7H3
(View Google Map)

Saturday July 23rd at 1300.

Muster (at Amherstview Fire Hall, 363 Amherst Dr Amherstview, ON K7N 1V3 (View Google Map) at 1100
W J Henderson Recreation Centre (322 Amherst Drive, Amherstview, ON K7N 1S9 (
View Google Map)

Parking will not be available around the WJ Henderson Recreation Centre. Shuttle service has been arranged for Fire Fighter Pidgeon’s memorial service with shuttle parking located at

County Road 6 Public Works Garage (View Google Map)
Highway 401 - Exit 599 - South on County Road 6
Address: 748 County Road 6, Odessa, ON

Look for the large blue sand dome on the west side of Highway 6, approx.. 4km south of highway 401

Busses will run from 1030 am continuously to the muster area at the Amherstview Fire Hall both before and after the service.

The Ontario Fire Services Pipes and Drums will lead the massed bands that attend. Pipe Major Gary Ford leading. Band muster site is the Amherstview Fire Hall by 11:00am

Fire and other Uniformed services Colour Guards will form part of the parade and be organized upon arrival to the muster site.

Parade will step off at 12:30 PM from the Amherstview Fire Hall.
Dress Uniform/ class A; with medals, white gloves and shroud for cap badge
A reception following the ceremony will take place at the Amherstview Fire Hall. All invited guests and uniformed personnel are welcome to attend. Shuttle service back to the parking area at the County Road 6 Public Works garage will run until 5:00PM
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