Alf Stone Award Nomination

Alf Stone Award Nomination

The Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs (OAFC) invites its members (individual-active) to submit nominations for the Alf Stone Award. 
Alf Stone is described by his family, friends and colleagues as a gentleman, leader, mentor, hard worker, and partner. He loved people and everyone loved Alf. He would go above and beyond to help people and to find solutions when at times it seemed that there might not be any. Alf was always helpful, working with those around him in any way he could. It was his character that drew people to him – qualities of honesty, respect, fairness and a strong work ethic were evident in everything he did.
He was fiercely passionate and cared deeply about the fire service. He loved to do his job. He was dedicated, collaborative, innovative and a contributor. As a leader in the fire service in Ontario, Alf helped shape the service to become what it is today.
Alf was a long-standing OAFC partner and loyal supporter of the association. His legacy with the OAFC lives on in his children and grandchildren who have continued to support and partner with the OAFC, including providing ongoing sponsorship of many of OAFC’s programs and events.
Alf had a long and successful career in the sales and manufacturing sector of the fire equipment industry and in 1972, his company, A.J. Stone, was incorporated. Before long, A.J. Stone Co. Ltd. was well known in the Canadian fire market for knowledge, quality products and fair prices. Today, the company has carried on his tradition, becoming the market leader in supplying quality first responder equipment throughout Ontario, offering unsurpassed customer service, product selection and satisfaction.
To learn more about Alf Stone, you can view this video:
An Alf Stone Award nominee should exhibit the same work ethic as the late Alf Stone and demonstrate qualities of leadership, honesty and respect. They should lead by example, care for people, greeting everyone with a smile, and most importantly, have a passion and love for the work that they do within the fire service. In addition, the nominee should exemplify one or more of the following attributes:
  • Exhibits professionalism. The individual exhibits a positive outlook and attitude towards improving public fire safety. The individual consistently provides a high level of service while showing respect and courtesy to others.
  • Demonstrates initiative and innovation in improving public fire safety. May apply to administrative, technical/non-technical matters, as well as to research-related initiatives designed to enhance public fire safety.
  • Leads, or leads by example. Effectively collaborates across the fire service and broader government to produce results.
  • Serves the greater good. Results and outcome of individual’s work reflects positively on the fire service and contributes to local fire safety and possibly beyond local borders.
  • Influences others. The individual goes about the routines of her/his job, day in and day out, with a remarkable attitude and enthusiasm that influences and benefits others.

Additional Factors and Criteria

  • The nominee(s) must have performed distinguished service on a sustained basis for at least 10 years. This service may have been performed in the public or private sector.
  • The nominee's service should include activities that help to achieve the goal of enhancing public fire safety.
  • This award has a high threshold. The nominee(s) has to have made an outstanding contribution beyond his/her personal fire department, community or organization. The award will not be given merely to recognize their long-term membership or to honour a retirement.

Previous Recipients of the Alf Stone Award

Previous Recipients
Bill and Debbie Stone
Al Suleman 2018
Andrew Kotsiuk
CASA & UA Local 853 Sprinkler Fitters Ontario
Edward Smith
Jim Jessop
Dr. Sherry McKay
Doug Crawford
Terry Allen
Harold Tulk
Bernie Moyle
Dr. James Young
Bill Williams
Rich Morris
Alf Stone
OAFC members are encouraged to submit nominations, including supporting documentation. An accurate, persuasive and well-documented justification that provides examples of how the nominee meets one or more of the above attributes and criteria is an essential part of the nomination and selection process. Each nomination will be considered on its own merits. 
This award is based on the merit of received submissions; therefore, the award may not be given out each year.  If you know someone who is deserving of this award, please complete the nomination form below and submit.
This year, the Annual Awards will be held at the OAFC Conference and Trade Show on Thursday, May 4, 2023 at the International Centre in Mississauga, Ontario. The deadline for submissions is March 15, 2023. Please ensure you submit your nomination before the deadline. 
For questions regarding the annual awards, feel free to contact us at
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