Enbridge Gas Provides 162 Smoke and CO Alarms to South Huron Fire Department


Working to make your home safer, the South Huron Fire Department joined forces with Enbridge Gas this morning (Wednesday, November 15) to celebrate the receipt of 162 smoke alarms to be distributed to the community.

Fire Prevention Officer Mike Herbert said that the alarms will be put to good use here in South Huron.

Luke Berkmortel, London Operations Supervisor for Enbridge Gas, emphasized that this contribution aligns with their overarching mission to elevate safety standards.

The initiative aims to fortify home safety for the public while concurrently advocating for education, ultimately striving to minimize deaths resulting from carbon monoxide and fires.

Berkmortel says that the donation is part of a broader initiative.

Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms play a pivotal role as early warning devices in fire emergencies, significantly reducing fatalities. As part of the safety measures, it is stressed that fuel-burning appliances undergo annual inspections, and alarms are regularly tested and maintained to provide a crucial second line of defense.

An alarm is only useful if it’s in good working order, FPO Herbert said it’s important to maintain your emergency warning devices.

For more information about smoke and CO alarms, you’re always welcome to contact the South Huron Fire Department – they’re happy to help!


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