OAFC Firefighter Certification Presentation and Members Comments
August 26, 2022 Update
On Tuesday August 16, 2022, OAFC President Rob Grimwood, Vice President Jason Whiteley, and Secretary Jeremy Parkin gave a presention at the 2022 AMO Conference on Firefighter certificaiton and mandatory minimum training standards.  A copy of the presenation can be found below. 

On Friday January 28, 2022 the Ontario Government posted a proposed Regulation on the Ontario Regulatory Registry website for mandatory minimum training standards/certification for Ontario's firefighters.

The OAFC is pleased to announce that we have finalized the OAFC's Report on the provincial government's proposed Certification Regulation.

This Report encompasses everything we heard from our members throughout our consultation process.  It is the culmination of two all-member townhall sessions, twelve Provincial Advisory Committee meetings - of which nearly 550 OAFC members participated in, countless phone conversations and meetings, and the feedback you provided through our website or directly to Program and Policy Analyst Mark Tishman.


Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs: Firefighter Certification Regulation – Consultation Report
OAFC Firefighter Certification Presention at AMO Conference - August 2022
*Please note this is the OAFC's interpretation of the mandatory minimum training standards as of Feb 1, 2022.
If you have any questions, please send them by email to Executive Director, Mark Tishman at Mark.Tishman@oafc.on.ca.