RONA and First Alert Canada Fire Prevention/ Education Events

RONA and First Alert Canada Fire Prevention/ Education Events

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OAFC partners with First Alert Canada and RONA for the month of October to promote fire prevention across Ontario


Fire departments are invited to host fire prevention and fire safety information sessions at a RONA* store in their community throughout Fire Prevention Month - October 2024. This is a great public education and engagement opportunity! The Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs (OAFC) is pleased to announce that we are once again continuing our partnership with First Alert Canada and RONA* to promote fire prevention and fire safety in communities throughout Ontario. 

Fire deaths have remained stagnant across Ontario. We need to relentlessly pursue fire safety so that we not only increase public interest in fire prevention, but also engage the public in taking action to prevent fires and to keep themselves and their loved ones safe and reduce the amount of lives lost due to fires.

By hosting public education and fire safety events at RONA* stores in communities across Ontario, our goal is to show people how simple, yet important, fire prevention and fire safety can be. With the help of RONA*, one of the world's largest home improvement retailers, and First Alert Canada, Canada’s most trusted brand in home safety, we are confident that this goal can be achieved, ultimately helping to influence a safer Ontario.

About the RONA* events

Until we see a significant reduction in fire deaths and non-working smoke and CO alarms in homes, our theme for Fire Prevention Month continues to be "Only Working Smoke and CO Alarms Save Lives".  In addition, we are emphasizing escape planning for our 2024 campaign. 
In alignment with our themes, the family-friendly events could include:
  • firefighters leading an information session on smoke alarms, including 10-year sealed battery alarms;
  • fire escape planning exercises, by utilizing our 2024 Fire Prevention Month Contest (see below);
  • photo ops with kids;
  • fire truck tours, and more.

Fire departments are encouraged to get creative to make the events as meaningful and memorable as possible!
First Alert Canada and RONA* have purchased public education/fire prevention kits. If you host an event, you will receive supplies from these kits to distribute at your event. The giveaways include: activity books, stickers, crayons and red fire helmets, as well as adult/senior activity books that feature crosswords, Sudoku puzzles, and word searches.  Each kit will also include contest forms for our 2024 kids contest (see below), and important smoke/co alarm brochures.  Additionally, some RONA*stores will provide other giveaways and promotional materials while taking take care of all the setup at the store!


For more information

To host an event at your local RONA* store, please contact Laura Aivaliotis, OAFC Program Coordinator by phone at 905-426-9865, x1230 or by email to  
*Please note that only certain RONA locations are participating in the program.
For more information on the First Alert and RONA* education events, or support in setting up other local sponsorship opportunities, please contact or by calling 905-426-9865, x1224.
We look forward to strengthening this partnership by helping fire departments across the province host engaging and educational fire prevention information sessions in their local communities.

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