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Fire Chief

Job Description

The Fire Chief will provide direction and leadership for the administration and operations of the Fire & Emergency Services department, including planning, developing, recommending, and implementing requirements and best practices related to fire prevention, public education, fire suppression, training, and fire investigation. 

The Fire Chief will prepare reports and recommendations to Council through the Chief Administrative Officer. The Fire Chief is a member of the Senior Leadership Team; will attend meetings; and will recommend, review, and implement the department’s operating and capital budgets. The Fire Chief will assist in delivering Council’s strategic objectives, as well as the departmental plan to support the vision, goals, and decisions of Council.  

Reporting To: Chief Administrative Officer


  1. Perform the statutory duties of Fire Chief under the Fire Protection and Prevention Act, including serving as an Assistant to the Fire Marshal.
  2. Manage the overall administration, operations, and special project activities of the Fire & Emergency Services department.
  3. Develop standard operating procedures, general orders, and department guidelines for the care and protection of the department, its equipment, personnel and its efficient operations.
  4. Ensure that the Fire & Emergency Services department is following all applicable legislation, codes, by-laws, and corporate policies and procedures.
  5. Participate in corporate analysis to review and evaluate departmental services and processes; forecast the needs for fire suppression, fire prevention and emergency management including identification of potential risks and public safety hazards.
  6. Coordinate preparation of Fire Master Plan and prepare long-term and annual business plans necessary to ensure adequate and timely emergency response coverage and consideration of future population growth. 
  7. Provide advice and technical guidance to make recommendations to the CAO and Council relating to strategic issues, functions, and services of the Department.
  8. Promote and facilitate public education.
  9. Prepare purchasing documents for equipment, fire related vehicles, and apparatus.
  10. Identify and track best practices, trends, and advances in the fields of fire prevention, fire suppression, emergency response, communications, fleet/facilities planning, emergency planning and public education for possible application by the Municipality.
  11. Develop, recommend, and implement maintenance schedules for equipment and facilities.
  12. Oversee the preparation and maintenance of records related to all areas of firefighting.
  13. Conduct fire investigations to determine the origin and cause; assess fire scenes and apply the criteria for contacting the Ontario Fire Marshal for assistance.
  14. Ensure that occupational health & safety practices are strictly observed and followed including review of safe work procedures, training of staff, and completion of required health & safety inspections.
  15. Cooperate with the efforts of other municipal departments in the achievement of efficient and cost-effective workflows and business processes.
  16. Responsible for interviewing & hiring new employees and firefighters, carrying out performance appraisals, overseeing the training & development of staff and firefighters, providing coaching opportunities and carrying out disciplinary actions.
  17. Act as a representative on the Emergency Management Programming Committee.
  18. Liaise with government agencies, Ontario Provincial Police, neighbouring municipalities, media, and technical specialists on departmental service-related matters.
  19. Discharge the duties and responsibilities of an incident commander at major emergency scenes as required.
  20. Administer and operate the Fire Department and delivery of fire protection services as outlined in the Establishing & Regulating a Fire Department By-Law.
  21. Complete special projects and perform other duties as directed by the CAO or Council.

Education & Experience Requirements:

  • Post-secondary education in fire service administration or related program
  • Minimum 10 Years of Progressive Fire Service Experience and a Minimum of 3 Years in a Management Level position
  • A combination of relevant education and experience will be considered
  • Current Standard First Aid and CPR Certificate
  • Valid DZ Drivers License

Required Skills & Competencies:

  • Extensive working knowledge of related applicable legislation, practices, and principles of fire protection and prevention
  • Strong working knowledge of firefighting and emergency response, applicable legislative/regulatory standards, budget formulation, local government functions & responsibilities, health and safety, and employee relations practices
  • Demonstrated strong leadership skills and the ability to manage change, conflict, and influence others
  • Ability to effectively foster good rapport and cooperative working relationships and build trust within teams
  • Excellent administrative, report writing, presentation, and customer service skills
  • Excellent research, analysis, and policy development skills
  • Strong communication (oral and written), interpersonal, time-management, and organizational skills
  • Well developed problem solving and decision-making skills
  • Ability to demonstrate tact and discretion in handling matters of a confidential or politically sensitive nature and to maintain confidentiality

Employment Information:

  • Regular, Full-Time Position
  • 35 Hours per Week - Salaried Position
  • Compensation - Group 14 (Step 1 $105 705 - Step 5 $129 784)
  • Will attend Council Meetings as required
  • Will be required to periodically attend Fire Station Meetings & Training
  • Required to complete a criminal background check & medical examination
  • Required to successfully complete a bi-annual Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) fit test and be capable of wearing SCBA


Contact Details

Qualified candidates are invited to submit their application at using the online form no later than May 31, 2024 at 4:30pm.