To book an internal TWMFR  course, please complete the following course request form below.



Once you have completed and submitted the online TWMFR internal course request form, the OAFC TWMFR coordinator will follow up with you in regards to details for your course.  If you require and external instructor, the OAFC TWMFR coordinator will work with you to secure an external trainer. 
Once your details have been confirmed, you must provide the OAFC TWMFR coordinator with the following resources for your course:
1.    Internal mental health resources that personnel can use when a mental health concern arises
2.    External mental health resources in your community that personnel can utilize when a mental health concern arises.
Departments/hosts must provide the following to the OAFC TWMFR coordinator for the TWMFR course:
1.    Projector, screen, computer and sound (speakers).  There are a number of videos that are important to the course that all participants must be able to see and hear.
2.    Flip chart and markers (8-hour leadership only).
3.    Refreshments for the 4-hour primary course.
4.    Refreshments and lunch for the 8-hour course (unless course is divided into 2, 4-hour sessions.
Participant information and mental health resources for all courses must be received no later than ten (10) business days prior to the course.   This is a requirement in order to prepare and mail course materials to your internal instructor(s).  
Please visit the registration page at for instructions on how to register your participants.
Once all information is received, course materials will be prepared and sent to your internal instructor.   The course has a pre, post and three-month evaluation process.  We ask that all participants complete the evaluations.  The Mental Health Commission of Canada collects the data for all courses to ensure quality control, consistency and for further course developments.
The OAFC will invoice the department for the course cost plus instructor expenses (only if you have one external trainer). 
Questions can be forwarded to the OAFC TWMFR course coordinator, Laura Aivaliotis at 905-426-9865 x230 or by email to 
Requesting Department Information
This will be the "Department Facilitator" and will work with the TWMFR coordinator on details of your course.
TWMFR Course Request Details
Please note that the leadership course must be taken by department management before offering the primary course to non-management, fire service personnel. The 8-hour leadership course requires 2 instructors. The 4-hour primary course requires 1 instructor. Max participants in each group is 24.
Please provide your course date. If you require an external instructor, please note it here and the TWMFR coordinator will follow up with you.
Please provide location information such as address, room name etc.
Terms and Conditions
The information provided by me on this course request form is as accurate and as up to date as possible. I acknowledge that I have the applicable permissions to request and secure such a course, on behalf of my fire department. I acknowledge and agree that this training if for the fire service ONLY. It cannot be delivered in other areas of your municipality, community or businesses. I agree to pay the cost of the program and pay all instructor fees (if applicable) associated with this course. Instructor fees are based on mileage and accommodations (if necessary). The TWMFR coordinator will attempt to secure trainers closest to your location as possible. There are no guarantees. Once course is confirmed, I agree to provide the TWMFR coordinator with my internal and external mental health resources and participant information no later than ten (10) business days before the start date of my course. I understand that there is an evaluation process to this program, and although not mandatory, will help further develop and maintain the course, and I will promote the evaluation process to the participants in my course. Courses cancelled outside of ten (10) business days, will not be charged a penalty. Courses cancelled with ten (10) business days, will be charged a pentaly, unless provisions/rescheduling can be made, without penalty to the instructor(s) or the OAFC at a mutually beneficial date/time. The cancellation fee is set by the TWMFR coordinator based on costs incurred that will not be recovered (can include material costs/accommodation for instructor etc) This is at the sole discretion of the TWMFR coordinator.