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October 25, 2019 – Cancer Prevention Checklist – Public Consultation Phase is now Closed.
The Section 21 Committee, with the assistance of the Ministry of Labour Facilitator, has developed a Cancer Prevention Checklist that is intended to be used by fire departments as a self-audit tool. This checklist is, in the opinion of the committee, a comprehensive, well-written and valuable tool that can be used by fire departments to assess their own hygiene and decontamination program and identify potential gaps and areas for improvement.
The Ministry of Labour (MOL) has developed a new “Firefighter Hygiene and Decontamination Investigation Protocol”, which is an internal document that was developed by the MOL to assist their inspectors with investigating firefighter occupational diseases.
The Cancer Prevention Checklist is intended to be used by fire departments to self-evaluate various facets of their firefighter hygiene and decontamination programs including, but not limited to, field decontamination, handling and transportation of contaminated equipment, in-station decontamination and cleaning, PPE utilization, bunker gear washing and drying procedures, post-fire shower and hygiene procedures and administrative support (policies, operating guidelines etc.) of all fire activities.
This Cancer Prevention Checklist is now in the public consultation stage and is posted here for your review and feedback. The Ministry of Labour and Section 21 Committee value your feedback and hope that you will take the time to review the document and provide your comments.
Please provide your comments by downloading the form below, and submitting no later than December 11, 2019 to the attention of:
Timothy Metcalfe, Fire Service Provincial Specialist
Public Service Health and Safety Association
4950 Yonge Street, Suite 1800
Toronto, Ontario, M2N-6K1
Or E-mail:

Please note that the public consulation period has closed.