Section 21 Alerts Updates and Notices

The following document consists of current Section 21 committee members and their applicable position/title, as at December 2017.
The following Section 21 Guidance Notes have been posted.  Please click on the guidance note to navigate to the chapter it is posted in.  Guidance notes are organized by numerical order.  Guidance notes without an assigned number will be listed at the bottom of their applicable chapter.


Please see the attached documents from the Section 21 Committee in regards to the new toll free number for emergency services reporting workplace health and safety incidents. 



The following new guidance note has been posted.

GN-1-2 Vehicle Inspections & Maintenance Program FINAL     - November 2015 


The following new guidance note has been posted.

GN-3-4 Radio Frequency Awareness October 2015


GN-1-8 New Fire Apparatus FINAL - New September 2015
Section 21 Minutes - Section 21 June 2015 Minutes have been added
The following updates to the guidance notes in the Section 21 Manual are as follows:
1. GN #1-6 Inspection of Chains, Webbing, Wire Rope, and Extrication Tools – New title and content to include webbing and wire rope.  New content to address hydraulic powered and electro hydraulic hybrid extrication tools.
2. GN #1-7 Electrical Equipment and Cords – New content and references to the Ontario Electrical Safety Code and the Electrical Safety Handbook for Emergency Responders.
3. GN #3-2 Asbestos – Reviewed by the Section 21 Committee in June 2015 with no new content added with the exception of the references to O. Reg. 278/05 and Reg. 833.
4. GN #3-3 Heat and Cold Stress – Updated references.
5. GN #4-11 Fall Protection from Elevating Devices – Enhanced content with respect to guardrail systems, travel-restraint systems, fall-restricting systems, and fall-arrest systems.  New content regarding the recommendations on the compatibility of fall protection systems and updated references.
6. GN #6-7 Driving Skills for Emergency Apparatus Response – Updated references.
7. GN #6-12 Rehabilitation During Emergency Operations – References updated and removal of the reference to the “Incident Commander’s Guide – Continuous Exposure Times for Firefighters” as it is no longer on the WSIB website.
8. GN #6-16 Machinery/Electrical Lockout During Emergency Response – Updated references, including the Electrical Safety Handbook for Emergency Responders.
9. GN #6-19 Hybrid/Electric and Electric Vehicle Safety – Updated content and references.
10. GN #6-20 Electrical Hazards in Rescue and Fire Situations -  Updated references, including the Electrical Safety Handbook for Emergency Responders.
11. GN #6-29 Prevention of Falls from Fire Apparatus – Updated content and references added.
12. GN #6-34 Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems – Updated references to the Electrical Safety Handbook for Emergency Responders and new references to the Ontario Electrical Safety Code and an Ontario Fire College Course.
13. GN #6-35 Wind Turbines – New content and included new references to the Electrical Safety Handbook for Emergency Responders, the Ontario Electrical Safety Code and an Ontario Fire College Course.
14. GN #7-5 Live Fire Training Considerations for Acquired Structures – Updated the Note regarding NFPA 1403 to include 2012 edition, and removed the reference to the OFM Simulation Guide.
15. Appendix C – Updated the link to Reg. 860 Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS)
16. Appendix D – The current Appendix D1 Ministry of Labour Heat Stress Guideline and Appendix D2 Heat and Cold Stress are to be removed and replaced with the cover sheet titled Appendix D and the June 2014 version of the Ministry of Labour’s Heat Stress Guideline.


Guidance Note #6-6 – Flashover is "suspended pending revision” as of December 14, 2014.


GN #4-8 Care Maintenance Inspection and Replacement of Structural Firefighting Personal Protective Equipment Aug 2014 – The section 21 committee, responding to sector feedback on the increasing number of guidance notes (72) decided to try and consolidate where possible notes that were previously in singular form but discussing related topics. This occurred with GN 4-1, a consolidation of previous notes (4-1, 4-3, 4-5, 4-6, and 4-12) dealing with various elements of firefighter gear.

GN #4-8 has been amended with the intention to compliment GN #4-1 noticing the title change which broadens its scope to address recommendations for the condition and handling of structural firefighting ppe and not just “bunker gear” (pants and coats).

GN #6-9 Hazardous Materials CBRNE Response Aug 2014 – A consolidation/update of previous GN’s #6-9 and #6-15 with consideration for the transition of training standards.

Note: With this update GN #6-15 is rescinded.


The following guidance notes have been approved for replacement.  They are included in the applicable section on this website.  Please note that the full manual does not include these updated guidance notes.  A revision to the full manual will be coming soon.


GN #2-2 The Buddy System – A minor revision which now includes a reference to applicable sections of the OHSA.

GN #4-1 – Fire Fighter Protective Equipment Regulation – Based on feedback on the increasing number of guidance notes, this note is a consolidation of previous GN #s 4-1, 4-3, 4-5, 4-6, and 4-12 discussing personal protective equipment. 

GN # 6-8 -  Fire Fighter Safety During Lightning Storms (previously known as AERIAL LADDER OPERATIONS DURING LIGHTNING STORMS) A revision which addresses more broadly the topic of fire operations during lightning storms.

GN #6-14 – Safe Roof Operations – A revision adding references to the OHSA, and to other related guidance notes.

Safety Information and Emergency Response Plan Regarding Increased Liquefied Natural Gas Transport - Nov 30, 2011

New Regulations Occupational Health and Safety Act Bunker Gear and Asbestos - Jan 26, 2011

Letter from Wayne De L'Orme Regarding Live Fire Training and NFPA Standards