Road to Mental Readiness becomes The Working Mind First Responders
December 12, 2018

Mental Health Commission of Canada Announcement:  Road to Mental Readiness (R2MR) becomes The Working Mind First Responders

In an ongoing effort to promote mental health and wellness, Road to Mental Readiness (R2MR), a training program focused on first responders, is now being repositioned under The Working Mind (TWM) as The Working Mind First Responders (TWMFR).
TWM is part of the largest systematic effort focused on reducing stigma related to mental illness in Canadian history. As a solutions-focused workplace program, TWM aims at cultivating an environment where employees feel comfortable seeking help, treatment, and support on their journey toward recovery. If you are a R2MR trainer, your certification is maintained as a TWMFR trainer. All training and resources currently offered under R2MR will now be offered under TWMFR.
Here are some of the benefits of using the MHCC’s version of R2MR – renamed to The Working Mind First Responders.
  • We will continue to provide ongoing support to our trainers and are working on making continuous improvements to the content with our new team of learning specialists.
  • Our priority is to preserve the fidelity of the program. As such, we will be rolling out a quality assurance initiative in 2019.
  • Instructors can access boosters from the portal.
  • The Working Mind Family of First Responders will be rolled out in 2019 and more information on how to become a trainer is coming in 2019.
If you have any questions about the repositioning of R2MR to The Working Mind First Responders program, please contact Michelle O'Hara, Business Development & Operations Manager by email to or call 905-426-9865 x222.