Retirement Announcement: Fred McLennan, Principal of the Ontario Fire College
Fred McLennan, Principal of the Ontario Fire College, today announced that he will be retiring effective December 31, 2012.  Fred has been the Principal of the Ontario Fire College for thirteen years, which is the second longest serving Principal in the College’s history.  Fred will be one month shy of being 14 years with the Office of the Fire Marshal (OFM).
Fred first joined the OFM on February 8, 1999, commencing his employment as the Academic Manager at the Ontario Fire College.  On January 1, 2000 he was named as Acting Principal of the Fire College.  Then, on September 21, 2000, Fred was named Principal of the Ontario Fire College.
Fred had extensive academic expertise when he came to the OFM.  Fred had obtained his doctorate in Educational Policy and Management and had thirty years experience in the community college environment as a professor and administrator.
With his background, Fred was able to bring his academic credibility to the Fire College and has guided it through significant growth over the last 14 years.  Today, the Fire College has over 11,500 student-learners and it has increased offerings of education and training opportunities on- and off-campus, based on the demands and needs of the Ontario fire service and public safety.
I want to take this opportunity to thank Fred for his dedicated years of service to the OFM, the Ontario Fire College and to the student-learners of the Fire College.  I wish him all the best in his well-deserved retirement years.

Ted Wieclawek
Fire Marshal of Ontario