FireCon Registration
FireCon 2019 September 5-7, 2019
September 5 - 7, 2019
Thunder Bay, Ontario
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FireCon 2019 Registration

Please ensure you read all the following information carefully. Failure to comply may result in a cancelled registration.
As per the Registration Information page, over the years, the Emergency North Training Board of Directors has subsidized the FireCon registration rate, unbeknownst to our delegates. Registration rate increases have been minimal, even though costs to run our programs increase every year. To better reflect the value of FireCon, the Board has decided to show you the actual conference fee, as well as showing the subsidy we provide every year by offering a discount on each registration. 
The registration form below will first denote a "2019 ENT 2-DAY PROGRAM DISCOUNT ($20)" and a "2019 ENT 3-DAY PROGRAM DISCOUNT ($30)".  You are only permitted to use one discount per registration, and that discount must be the same as your program choice (2-day program = 2-day discount, 3-day program = 3-day discount).  

PLEASE ENSURE YOU SELECT THE APPLICABLE DISCOUNT THAT RELATES TO YOUR PROGRAM. Administrative charges may apply if the registration must be corrected. Each 2-day and 3-day training course includes trade show access, networking, continental breakfast, lunch, refreshments and a ticket to the banquet on Saturday evening.  Delegates are responsible for booking their own hotel accommodations.  It is recommended that delegates arrive at the hotel the night before the course starts.  Please choose only ONE of the following programs.  Course description, locations and times can be found under the 2019 Courses page.

All registrations are based on a first-come, first-served basis.  Some courses may be full at time of registration.  Please enter your 2nd and 3rd program choices in the Additional Comment Section BELOW the registration form.

Qualified NFPP Departments will receive a separate email about the FireCon 2019 program.  Questions about registration-accommodations can be forwarded to Kris Newton, Events & Trade Show Manager by calling 905-426-9865 x226 or by email to

Cancellation Policy - No refunds will be issued after August 23, 2019.  Substitutions will be allowed after the cancellation date, providing written notice is given prior to event start date.  Please note that substitutions are not permitted if the substitute hasn't completed the necessary pre-course work (if applicable).

Payment options are Visa, MasterCard or Invoice.

VERY IMPORTANT:  It is very important that we receive the "participant" email address on this registration form.  This is to ensure participants are properly registered with the instructors and/or OFC, and will ensure we can get specific details to each registered guest. Please ensure to include this information either in the email field, secondary contact or in the additional comment section below. 
You will receive an email confirmation a few days after your registration. 

This email contains extremely important information about your course, including actions required by you such as pre-course work or additional forms/credentials required.  This information will be contained within this email.  If you do not receive a confirmation email, please contact our office and speak to Laura Aivaliotis, FireCon Registrar at 905-426-9865 or by email to
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Event Options
**2019 ENT 2-day Program Discount** Only applies to 2-day courses***
-CAD $20.00
**2019 ENT 3-day Program Discount** Only applies to 3-day courses***
-CAD $30.00
2019 Program A - Search and Rescue - 2-day
September 6 & 7
CAD $305.00
2019 Program G - NFPA 1035 Fire and Life Safety Educator Level I 3-day
September 5,6 & 7
CAD $350.00
2019 Program I - Senior and Elected Officials Workshop 0.5-day
September 6 (1/2 Day) *No discount applies
CAD $125.00
2019 Program J - Basic Incident Management System 200 (IMS 200) 1.5-day
September 6 (1/2 Day) & September 7 
CAD $305.00
2019 Program K - Blended - Senior and Elected Officials Workshop and IMS 200 2-day
September 6 & 7
CAD $305.00
2019 Program L - SP-230 Wildland Fire Strategies and Tactics 2-day
September 6 & 7
CAD $305.00
2019 Program M - Leadership 2-day
September 6 & 7
CAD $305.00
2019 Program N - Livestock Safety & Extrication Program 2-day
September 6 & 7
CAD $305.00
2019 FireCon Banquet Ticket
Select this option if you only need one extra ticket.  You can add additional tickets below - Please note all registration options include one ticket,  select this option if you would like extra.
CAD $60.00
2019 FireCon Additional Banquet Ticket (CAD $60.00 each)
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CAD $0.00
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