PTSD Prevention Plan Resources

PTSD Prevention Plans

During the 2016 OAFC Midterm Meeting in November, the OAFC membership passed resolution 16-11 - MOL PTSD PREVENTION PLANS, with the following resolve:
The OAFC form a working group to develop templates for members to meet the requirements of the MOL PTSD Prevention Plan (due in March). There should be a template for small, medium and large departments. To be available by February 28, 2017.
A working group was formed, consisting of 18 OAFC members and one municipal HR professional, tasked to follow up and complete the requirements set forth in the resolution.  As the working group moved through the research and planning process, it became increasingly clear that there were significantly more PTSD prevention plan resources available, than what was available at the time of the Midterm Meeting.
Based on the feedback from the working group, consultations with PSHSA, and concerns about resource duplication and unnecessary costs to re-develop already existing resources, a report from the working group was forwarded to the OAFC Board of Directors who met in January to further discuss the resolve.  As a result of the meeting, the Board of Directors directed association staff to collect all of the PTSD Prevention Plan resources available and distribute them as soon as possible to our members.  This will ensure our members will have sufficient time to complete the required PTSD Prevention Plan for their community.  It is important to note that although the Ministry advised us at their PTSD Summit in October 2016 that a template is not the best approach, we confirmed that there is no set format as to how this information is sent to them. The Ministry believes that some may send in comprehensive plans, while others may submit a one or two page document/letter outlining what they have in place/implementing.  It is the Ministry's intention to publish some, or all of the plans, in order to information-share between services.
You will find below, a compilation of resources and informative links that will assist in creating your PTSD prevention plan.  Staff at the OAFC board office are available at 905-426-9865 and can assist you if you have any questions about the following resources.
Yours truly,
Chief Stephen Hernen


Chiefs are reminded that where necessary, PTSD prevention, training, practices and procedures may have to be developed and/or included in existing municipal policies.  Consultation with municipal human resources staff is recommended.

Information on Post-traumatic Stress Disorder and the Ministry of Labour’s PTSD Prevention Plans:
Getting Started: PTSD Assessment - - click on identify the gaps
PSHSA document entitled “Building a PTSD Prevention Plan"
PTSD Employer’s Resource Guide
Township of Sioux Narrows – Nestor Falls PTSD Prevention Plan

PTSD Prevention Plan Submission to the MOL: 

Employers of workers covered under the PTSD presumption are directed to provide the Minister of Labour with information on their workplace post-traumatic stress disorder prevention plans by April 23, 2017.  
Prevention plans should be submitted in electronic Word format to