Incredible Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) FINAL CLEARANCE
PD782U1 Portable Radios
  • PD782U1 Portable Radios
Incredible Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) FINAL CLEARANCE

As a result of an over purchase of radios for the Canadian government, we are clearing the following:

New in the box PD782U1 portable radios that are intrinscially safe to UL913 standards. They are lightweight, heavy duty and waterproof to IP67 standards. They operate in the frequency range of 403-470 MHZ and include an internal GPS positioning receiver. These are incredibility dependable radios. We have had hundreds of them in service for 4 years with extremely few problems.  These radios come with a 1-year full warranty.  Please see inventory listing below:

Optional software licenses included with radios:

Item Description MSRP (CAD) 
SW00017 Advanced digital encryption (128/256bit) license for subscriber CAD 252.00 
SW00012 Roaming license for subscriber CAD   57.00 
SW00029 DMR Tier III trunking & MPT trunking upgrade package for subscriber CAD 254.00

(package applicable to DMR Tier II & analog conventional mode radio only) 

Part Number Description Quantity
PD782GU1-UL913 New in Box - Hytera Portable Radios
162 Left!
Each box includes radio, intrinsically safe battery, antenna, charger and wrist strap
SM18N2 New Shoulder Hytera Mics 204
BL2411-EX New Hytera Intrinsic Batteries  195

Leather cases as required

Original selling pricing below individual items:

Contracted Prices Quantity Unit Cost
Hytera PD782GU1-UL913 Portable DMR Radios 1 $  800.00
Desk Charger for Portables 1 $    39.00
Speaker Mike 1 $    72.00
Antenna 1 $    16.00
Battery 1 $  155.00
Leather Case 1 $    31.00

Clearance pricing per turnkey radio :  $390.00 plus tax and shipping

For more information, please contact:

John W. Smith
Chief Executive Officer
Canquest Communications Canada Inc.
P 519-355-8118