Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs Names New Executive Director and President of OFAI
July 21, 2022
On behalf of the Board of Directors, I am pleased to announce that Mark Tishman, association staff member, has been named Executive Director of the Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs (OAFC), replacing Michelle O’Hara who left the position in November 2021. 

The Board of Directors based our decision on Mark’s internal knowledge and experience with the OAFC, its members, and the culture surrounding Ontario’s firefighters. The Board is excited to begin working with Mark to promote the OAFC's mission and vision to improve the fire and life safety for all who reside in Ontario.

Before joining the OAFC, Mark spent the previous seven years working for the Ontario Legislative Assembly.  Since joining the OAFC in late 2018, Mark focused much of his efforts on the government relations priorities set by the Board, which included supporting members at our Queen’s Park Advocacy Day in 2019, working with members to organize the OAFC’s campaign in 2021 to update parts of the Ontario Fire Code resulting in over 150 members and organizations signing on in agreement, and more recently helped lead the OAFC’s response to mandatory minimum training standards for Ontario’s firefighters. Mark has extensive experience building relationships both with internal and external stakeholders which will help our association further our mandate.

In his role as a Program and Policy Analyst, Mark has developed a deep understanding of the needs of the OAFC members, the demands of the position, and the uniqueness of the OFAI Candidate Testing Service (CTS) program.  He will be constantly looking for new opportunities, partnerships, and sponsorships to expand the services and programs offered to our members.
"I am truly honoured to have been entrusted by the OAFC Board of Directors with the position of Executive Director for this illustrious organization.  I look forward to serving our Board and OAFC members, growing the OFAI CTS program, and seeking out new initiatives that will enable us to expand the programs and benefits to our members.” Mark Tishman 
I would also like to take a moment to acknowledge Michelle O’Hara and thank her for her tenure at the OAFC.  Michelle spent over a decade at the OAFC rising to become the first female Executive Director for the OAFC.  She was instrumental in the creation of Ontario Fire Administration Inc. (OFAI) Candidate Testing Service (CTS) and navigating the OAFC through the Covid-19 pandemic.  Thanks to her tireless dedication to the OAFC, OFAI, and our members, we are a stronger organization. I wish Michelle all the best in the next steps in her life’s journey.
Mark assumes his new role, effective today, and will be focusing on an organizational review, and will be searching for a policy and communications expert to assist the organization and membership.
I look forward to working with Mark in his new role.  Please join me in welcoming the OAFC’s new Executive Director and President of OFAI, Mark Tishman to his new position.

Deputy Chief Rob Grimwood