OFM - Fire Safety Inspections & Enforcement Seminar
The Office of the Fire Marshal has been working extensively on a tool for fire departments to assist with options for fire safety inspections and enforcement of the Ontario Fire Code.
There have been presentations on this issue at the last OAFC Midterm meeting and AMES. The OAFC Fire Prevention Committee has been engaged with the OFM on the development of this technical guideline and reviewed the training program which is associated with the document. We are pleased to have been able to participate in this project and are supportive of both the technical Guideline and training program.
Department representatives and those involved with Ontario Fire Code enforcement are encouraged to attend one of the seminars.
The following dates have been established for the training seminars at the Ontario Fire College;
Ontario Fire College Confirmed Dates
Course number
August 15,  2012
FSIE Sem-12-1
August 16,  2012
FSIE Sem-12-2
September 20, 2012
FSIE Sem-12-3
November 20, 2012 FSIE Sem-12-4
November 21, 2012 FSIE Sem-12-5
(Normal Fire College registration process applies.)

The following dates have been proposed for field delivery of the seminar. These locations have been proposed by the OFM in order to facilitate travel for the neighbouring departments. These venues should only require neighbouring fire departments to travel approximately one hour to attend the seminars in their areas.

Proposed Location
Proposed Date
Northwestern Ontario
September 17, 2012
Northeastern Ontario
Sault Ste Marie October 1, 2012
Sudbury October 3, 2012
North Bay October 4, 2012
Eastern Ontario
Ottawa November 8, 2012
Kingston November 14, 2012
Ajax November 15, 2012
Southwestern Ontario
London December 5, 2012
Brantford December 6, 2012


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