OAFC President Deputy Chief Matt Pegg accepts new position with Toronto Fire Services

September 13, 2013 – Early today, OAFC President, Deputy Chief Matt Pegg announced that he has accepted a new role as Deputy Fire Chief with Toronto Fire Services.   
Matt has served with Brampton Fire & Emergency Services since 2008.  Fire Chief Andy MacDonald acknowledges his contributions to the department and community in an email sent earlier today, “Matt has been instrumental in championing our technological advances in fire dispatch and communications, leading us to the top of the pack and gaining us continent wide recognition”.
In addition, Chief MacDonald acknowledges Matt’s service on Provincial, National and International levels on a number of committees and standard setting bodies citing that he has made the profession of fire fighting safer for all of us and for generations to come.
Matt expressed how much he has enjoyed working in Brampton, “I am extremely appreciative for all the support that Chief MacDonald and the entire Brampton Fire and Emergency Services team have extended to me”.
In an email sent to the OAFC board of directors today, Matt advised that he was extremely pleased that Chief Sales and the City of Toronto fully support his duties as OAFC President and that his ability to continue in this capacity will not be affected in any way.
Matt conveyed how ‎honoured and thrilled he is to join the Toronto Fire Services team.  He will commence his new role on October 3.