This is used as a descriptive label when displaying this form element.
Enter a machine readable key for this form element. May contain only alphanumeric characters and underscores. This key will be used as the name attribute of the form element. This value has no effect on the way data is saved, but may be helpful if doing custom form processing.
The default value of the field identified by its key. For multiple selects use commas to separate multiple defaults.
A short description of the field used as help for the user when he/she uses the form.
Key-value pairs MUST be specified as "safe_key|Some readable option". Use of only alphanumeric characters and underscores is recommended in keys. One option per line. Option groups may be specified with <Group Name>. <> can be used to insert items at the root of the menu after specifying a group.
Check this option if the user should be allowed to choose multiple values.
Use a pre-built list of options rather than entering options manually. Options will not be editable if using pre-built list.
Check this option if the user must enter a value.
Check this option if you want the select component to be displayed as a select list box instead of radio buttons or checkboxes. Option groups (nested options) are only supported with listbox components.
Randomizes the order of the options when they are displayed in the form.
Determines the placement of the component's label.
Private fields are shown only to users with results access.