Mohawk College Emergency Operations Centre Management and Emergency Site Management Course
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Mohawk College Emergency Operations Centre Management and Emergency Site Management Course


Date: Monday April 20 – Thursday April 23

Location: Mohawk College – Fennell Campus, 135 Fennell Ave W, Hamilton ON, L9C 1E9


Attend what past participants refer to as an “excellent course” that is “extremely applicable” to their role and organization and is “interactive, fun and informative”. Feedback included that the course “significantly expanded” their knowledge and “exceeded learning expectations” and was strengthened by “a lot of experts in the class”. Additional comments included that the course contained a variety of “excellent exercises” which enabled “actual application of learning” and “built on learning experiences and skills” and allowed for “being in the moment as a great way to learn processes”. The exercises were made “more realistic” by the instructors who have “a high level of knowledge and experience” and provided “great coaching”. An overwhelming majority of past participants agreed that they could immediately apply what they learned and that this is a course that they would “absolutely” recommend to others.


This course delivers four days of training for emergency management practitioners from municipalities and organizations. It describes the roles and tasks of an Emergency Operations Centre and Site, and their relationship as components of a multi-agency coordination system. Participants register for either Emergency Operations Centre Management or Emergency Site Management and learn about their respective and cooperative functions through interactive and engaging information sharing, activities and discussions. Both groups come together to work collaboratively through multiple emergency exercises, providing a hands-on opportunity to practice and reflect on the knowledge, skills and judgment required for efficient and effective response and recovery. Participants will gain valuable experience and be better prepared to carry out their role in a team approach to emergency management. This course is similar to one previously offered by the federal government’s Canadian Emergency Management College, with content updates incorporating the latest best practices.
Don’t miss out on the opportunity for:
  • 27 hours/4 days of training and professional development
  • realistic exercise and inquiry experience
  • a variety of exercise formats including discussion-based and operational-based
  • engaging activities and discussions to reinforce course content
  • networking with various stakeholders in emergency management
  • learning from experienced instructors and participants
  • coaching during exercises
  • practicing media relations and crisis communications
  • broadening your perspective participating in your own role and other roles during exercises
  • hosting in professionally equipped and fully operational facilities
More information is available in the course brochure and on the course website:
Click here to access the course brochure
Click here to access the course website (expand the ‘Specialized Skills Training’ heading for links below)


Contact: Elizabeth Roediger
Phone: 905.577.5886