The Fall 2019 Jenny’s Heroes Canada Ontario Fire Service Equipment Grant winners have been selected.

The Fall 2019 grant was the last scheduled Jenny Heroes Canada Ontario Fire Service Equipment Grant.  Jenny Jones, though her foundation, Jenny’s Heroes Canada, offered grants of up to $25,000 for an individual volunteer fire department, and grants totaling up to $50,000 to be awarded for the third and final 2019 grant period.

Since reaching out to the OAFC in 2018, Jenny has donated nearly $200,000 to 22 volunteer fire departments across Ontario helping to purchase everything from a used 4x4 3/4 ton truck with an equipment cab, to bunker gear, from 'Jaws of Life', to scene lights, from radio repeaters to so much more. Thank you, Jenny!

We are pleased to announce that there are five recipients selected for the fall grants, totaling almost $50,000!! 

Fire Department




Niobe Lake Fire Department, Atikokan 


The purchase of a used 4x4 3/4 ton truck complete with an equipment cab 

Having this truck means the firefighters will not have to use their personal vehicles to respond to an emergency, which can create liability. This past summer, they had a multi-vehicle collision with one victim ejected and one trapped. They had to load their extrication equipment into the firefighter’s personal vehicle and lost valuable time.

Edwardsburgh Cardinal Fire Department, Spencerville


Hurst hydraulic telescopic ram 

Motor vehicle accidents represent 25% of their emergency calls and most are on highways 401 and 416. Multiple vehicle accidents are becoming more common and many include transport trucks. This equipment will make extrication faster and easier as the nearest trauma center is in Ottawa, a 40-minute drive.

Batchawana Fire & Rescue, Batchawana Bay


A rescue strut kit and winch

Without proper equipment, bracing a vehicle can cost valuable time that might mean the difference between life and death. They have been seeking to purchase this equipment for 7 or 8 years and will be sharing it with two other departments, Wawa and Goulais.

Montague Township Fire Department, Smith Falls


Galaxy GX2 Automated Test System

This vital equipment has to be tested regularly and right now, they need to drive over 30 km each way at least once a week to have it tested, taking the department’s only full time member and truck away and therefore both are not available in case of emergency.

McDougall Fire Department, McDougall


Mavic 2 Firefighter Drone

The municipality has a mixture of semi-dense urban area with hydrants, along with some completely remote wilderness with cottages and campsites. These are difficult terrains to access, with some being water access only islands. This grant will provide valuable help with search & rescue, hazmat, wild land & structural Fires. The department will also share the drone with their mutual aid partner fire departments

Once again, Jenny reached out directly to those who were selected to give them the good news. 

“I’m always so excited to make personal calls to let each selected fire department know they are receiving the equipment they need. I can’t believe I’ve already provided 22 grants in my home province, but I am just as excited every time I get to help out, especially to the small departments where fundraising is more challenging. I plan to continue showing my love and appreciation to all the volunteers in Ontario who choose to serve solely for the good of their communities.” -  Jenny Jones

Congratulations to all of our 2019 recipients!


This marks the close of the 2019 Jenny's Heroes Canada Ontario Fire Service Equipment Grants.  We would like to thank Jenny and all the departments that submitted applications and also congratulate the 22 departments that have received a grant through this program.  The OAFC will continue to work with Jenny, and other organizations to seek more grant opportunities for our membership. 

The previous departments that won a 2019 Jenny’s Heroes Canada Ontario Fire Service Equipment Grant are:

Spring/Summer 2019 Recipients:

Fire Department




Watten Fire Department


The purchase of a SC 358E2 Combi rescue tool (Jaw’s of Life).

In 1996, after a tragic accident, a family donated the “Jaws of Life” to their department as Watten did not have these tools available. The equipment is now over 20 years old, is not in working condition, and is irreparable. This new tool will ensure the department can provide sufficient rescue services on a long stretch of highway.

Pikwakanagan Fire Rescue


Bunker Gear (jacket, pants, helmet, boots, gloves, and balaclava).

Most of the departments gear is outdated, and none of it fits their female firefighters. The new bunker gear will protect Pikwakanagan firefighters, significantly increasing health and safety.

Puslinch Fire & Rescue Service


Fire rated, high visible, lightweight coveralls.

To increase health and safety of firefighters for MVC, wildland/crop/brush fires and as a change of garments at vehicle/structure fires.

Robinson Township Fire Department


1999 GMC Water Tender

The department spends a significant time sourcing parts for water tenders that are over 40yrs old.  The newer truck is easier to maintain and is safer to drive with heavier duty suspension

Perry Township Fire Department


Two portable scene lights

This will help firefighter safety when responding to an emergency, especially in remote areas.

Winter 2019 Recipients:

Fire Department




Goulais Fire and Rescue Volunteers, Aweres Volunteer Fire Department, Batchawana Fire Department, Searchmont Community Volunteer Fire Department (Joint Application)



Replacement radio repeater and associated equipment


The radio repeater and associated equipment will allow for long distance communications from their dispatch center in Sault Ste. Marie as far as 100 kilometers away and will replace current equipment that is over 25 years old. The old repeater recently failed and took two days to repair because parts are hard to find.

Municipality of Powassan Fire Department



Vehicle Stabilization Kit


The Powassan Fire Department services 100km of highways and roads. Currently they conduct vehicle extrications with lumber or winches which is not safe Stabilizers will help prevent vehicle roll overs during rescues.

Lucknow Fire Department



Automated External Defibrillator (AED) and two Thermal Imaging Cameras (TIC) and charging units.

The Lucknow community does not have any ambulatory services and the nearest town that does is over 20km away. Their current AED is 17 years old.

The 2 new TIC's will allow Lucknow teams to have invaluable equipment, to help keep their fire service personnel safe to better serve the community.

East Ferris Volunteer Fire Department


Gas detectors

A large number of this community relies on propane or fuel oil to heat their homes. These new gas detectors are more sensitive and accurate to levels of CO when compared to home CO detectors.  These detectors will help protect both first responders and residents.

Township of East Zorra-Tavistock


CET Skeeter Space Pac (Fire Pump, Storage and Patient Transfer Apparatus for a Side by Side Off-Road Vehicle)

This equipment will aid the department in accessing remote and inaccessible areas to combat grass and wild fires.

Mapleton Fire/Rescue


Computer tablets for fire trucks

Tablets will allow fire and rescue to locate an emergency easier by accessing maps, water sources for rural emergencies, and communicate who is responding to an emergency. This in turn helps officers make critical decisions regarding resources required at a scene.

About the Jenny Jones Foundation

Jenny Jones is best known for hosting the nationally syndicated talk show "Jenny Jones,” but her resume includes many careers including waitress, bookkeeper, temp worker, fashion model, caterer, comedian, musician, singer, songwriter, author, food blogger, and philanthropist. The Jenny Jones Foundation was established in 2005 as a means to provide assistance to those who are underserved.  In 2008 Jones established "Jenny's Heroes", a program where she committed close to two million dollars to be given to individuals who used it to improve their communities.  After choosing one hundred Heroes and covering all fifty states, Jones concluded the "Jenny's Heroes" program, but she continues to help communities in need. In the summer of 2016, Jenny donated $200,000 to fund a new, state-of-the-art playground in her hometown of London, Ontario.  The following year, Jenny made a $50,000 donation to My Sister’s Place, a London shelter that provides services to all women without judgement.

About the Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs

The Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs (OAFC) was established in 1952 to lead innovation and excellence in public and life safety. To achieve this, we provide a recognized, authoritative voice for all matters relating to the management and delivery of fire and emergency services in Ontario. The OAFC represents more than 700 municipal chief fire officers from across Ontario. These chief officers are ultimately responsible, by statute, for the management and delivery of fire, rescue and emergency response to the province’s 13 million residents.

Questions regarding the Jenny’s Heroes Canada Equipment Grant can be sent to Michelle O’Hara, Executive Director, by email to or call 905-426-9865 x222.