Jenny's Heroes Canada 2019 Ontario Fire Services Equipment Grant

Jenny Jones supports volunteer fire services across Ontario, once again increasing her Jenny’s Heroes Canada Fire Service Equipment Grant and announced the successful winter 2019 recipients!

After receiving over 40 responses to the Jenny’s Heroes Canada Ontario Fire Services Equipment Grant from volunteer fire departments across Ontario, Jenny Jones, once again, showed her true generous nature and increased the value of the grants!  Originally, the winter grant was to total $25,000, but thanks to the overwhelming show of need of our volunteer fire service, and Jenny’s generosity, she decided to increase the grant allocation to $38,500!
“It was an easy decision to continue the grants,” says Jenny. “From speaking with all the fire chiefs, I’ve learned that even a small gift like a thermal imaging camera or a gas detector can actually save a life. I plan to continue supporting these volunteers as long as the need is there.” Jenny Jones

The Winter 2019 recipients of the Jenny’s Heroes Canada Ontario Fire Services Equipment Grants are:

Fire Department
Goulais Fire and Rescue Volunteers, Aweres Volunteer Fire Department, Batchawana Fire Department, Searchmont Community Volunteer Fire Department (Joint Application)
Replacement radio repeater and associated equipment
The radio repeater and associated equipment will allow for long distance communications from their dispatch center in Sault Ste. Marie as far as 100 kilometers away and will replace current equipment that is over 25 years old. The old repeater recently failed and took two days to repair because parts are hard to find.
Municipality of Powassan Fire Department
Vehicle Stabilization Kit
The Powassan Fire Department services 100km of highways and roads. Currently they conduct vehicle extrications with lumber or winches which is not safe Stabilizers will help prevent vehicle roll overs during rescues.
Lucknow Fire Department
Automated External Defibrillator (AED) and two Thermal Imaging Cameras (TIC) and charging units.
The Lucknow community does not have any ambulatory services and the nearest town that does is over 20km away. Their current AED is 17 years old.
The 2 new TIC's will allow Lucknow teams to have invaluable equipment, to help keep their fire service personnel safe to better serve the community.
East Ferris Volunteer Fire Department
Gas detectors
A large number of this community relies on propane or fuel oil to heat their homes. These new gas detectors are more sensitive and accurate to levels of CO when compared to home CO detectors.  These detectors will help protect both first responders and residents.
Township of East Zorra-Tavistock
CET Skeeter Space Pac (Fire Pump, Storage and Patient Transfer Apparatus for a Side by Side Off-Road Vehicle)
This equipment will aid the department in accessing remote and inaccessible areas to combat grass and wild fires.
Mapleton Fire/Rescue
Computer tablets for fire trucks
Tablets will allow fire and rescue to locate an emergency easier by accessing maps, water sources for rural emergencies, and communicate who is responding to an emergency. This in turn helps officers make critical decisions regarding resources required at a scene.

Congratulations to the six recipients that will be receiving these important equipment grants.

If your department didn’t receive a grant this time, you still have two more opportunities in 2019 to apply for the Jenny’s Heroes Canada Ontario Fire Services Equipment Grant.  We encourage all volunteer fire services to apply for the next grant cycle which opens on May 13, 2019.  See below for details.
Thank you again to everyone who participated and shared their needs with us and Jenny. We strongly encourage those who applied to reapply for the next grant cycle.  You can learn more about Jenny’s Heroes Canada by visiting their website at

The Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs is thrilled to be working with Jenny's Heroes Canada once again to support volunteer firefighters across Ontario.  Not only are we thrilled to announce our continued partnership,  Jenny’s Heroes Canada has decided to offer three (3) Fire Service Equipment Grant Opportunities in 2019! 

The majority of fire departments in Ontario rely on the services of volunteer firefighters to provide fire protection, education and emergency first response in their communities.  Due to smaller populations, with a smaller tax base, many of these departments are challenged to purchase new equipment, gear and technology to protect these firefighters so they can provide the skilled, competent and caring services to the residents they are committed to protect.
Through Jenny’s Heroes Canada, the Jenny Jones Foundation is offering grants of up to $25,000 to provide safety equipment to Ontario’s volunteer fire departments. “I have a profound respect for anyone who chooses a life of service to the community,” says Jenny, “even more so when the risks are great.” Jones grew up in London, Ontario and wishes to give back to her home province.
In May of 2018, the Jenny Jones Foundation reached out to the Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs (OAFC) with a vision to give back to those who serve in their communities, and where a financial contribution would make a significant impact.  The OAFC immediately recognized the potential to work with Jenny, by providing a medium to reach those departments in Ontario, where this opportunity would make a significant difference.  In addition, the opportunity aligned well with the OAFC’s mandate to provide access to resources that help support our members’ role as fire and emergency service leaders in their communities. 
In July of 2018, the OAFC and Jenny Jones launched Jenny’s Heroes Canada Fire Service Equipment Grant to support volunteer fire services in Ontario.  There was an overwhelming response from departments across Ontario with more than 100 applications received. Both the OAFC and Jenny were amazed at the incredible response and participation in such an exciting opportunity. After a final review and based on the significant need identified through the application process, Jenny decided to increase the amount of her Jenny’s Heroes Canada grant to $50,000 from the original amount of $25,000, offering grants to six departments who purchased an array of equipment to assist in their public safety efforts. 
“Wow! We received more applications than anyone expected,” says Jenny. “It’s clear the need is great, so I remain committed to continue providing safety equipment to Ontario’s volunteer firefighters. Let’s keep it going!”   
Jenny’s Heroes Canada has decided to offer three (3) Ontario Fire Service Equipment Grant Opportunities in 2019, for up to $25,000 for each opportunity! The following table outlines the applicable submission dates:
Submission Opens
Submission Closes
Recipient Announced
Winter 2019
January 7, 2019
February 8, 2019
March 4, 2019
March-April 2019
Spring/Summer 2019
May 13, 2019
June 14, 2019
July 5, 2019
July-August 2019
Fall 2019
September 9, 2019
October 11, 2019
November 8, 2019
November-December 2019
For more information on the 2018 grant recipients, visit or visit

About the Jenny Jones Foundation

Jenny Jones is best known for hosting the nationally syndicated talk show "Jenny Jones,” but her resume includes many careers including waitress, bookkeeper, temp worker, fashion model, caterer, comedian, musician, singer, songwriter, author, food blogger, and philanthropist. The Jenny Jones Foundation was established in 2005 as a means to provide assistance to those who are underserved.  In 2008 Jones established "Jenny's Heroes", a program where she committed close to two million dollars to be given to individuals who used it to improve their communities.  After choosing one hundred Heroes and covering all fifty states, Jones concluded the "Jenny's Heroes" program, but she continues to help communities in need. In the summer of 2016, Jenny donated $200,000 to fund a new, state-of-the-art playground in her hometown of London, Ontario.  The following year, Jenny made a $50,000 donation to My Sister’s Place, a London shelter that provides services to all women without judgement.

About the Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs

The Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs (OAFC) was established in 1952 to lead innovation and excellence in public and life safety. To achieve this, we provide a recognized, authoritative voice for all matters relating to the management and delivery of fire and emergency services in Ontario. The OAFC represents more than 700 municipal chief fire officers from across Ontario. These chief officers are ultimately responsible, by statute, for the management and delivery of fire, rescue and emergency response to the province’s 13 million residents.

Equipment Grant Application Process & Information  

Jenny’s Heroes Canada’s goal is to help small, volunteer firefighter-based departments purchase gear, equipment and/or technology to assist them in providing emergency first response in their community. Grants can be up to $25,000.
The 2019 spring/summer grant application submission is open from Monday, May 13, 2019 and closes on Friday, June 14, 2019Grant applications will be reviewed and selected based on needs and impact to the local community by a validation committee from the Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs and shared with Jenny’s Heroes Canada.
To be eligible and considered for the equipment grant, you must meet the following criteria:
  • You must be a fire department in the Province of Ontario (either municipal or be regulated by a fire services board) whose full complement of suppression firefighters are volunteer-based. For greater clarity, the department can have full time administrative staff, however, ALL suppression staff must be volunteers.
  • Have an annual budget less than $800,000.
  • Obtain support from your municipal chief administrative officer and/or fire services board as well as the fire chief.
  • Complete the application form in full.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions of the funding request.

Grant Application Considerations

To ensure your department has the best possible chance of being selected for a 2019 Equipment Grant from Jenny’s Heroes Canada, please review the following notes from the selection panel:
  • Complete your application in full.  Ensure your contact information is correct.
  • Ensure you comply with the terms and conditions outlined in this application.
  • Note the amount you are requesting.  There is a section on the application that asks for this amount.  Remember:  there are no funds transferred directly to the successful recipient. 
  • HST is not taken into consideration in the application process.  Ensure your request outlines the amount without HST (you can request up to $25,000 without HST).
  • Providing examples in your application that specifically demonstrates the need for the request, is helpful to the selection panel.
  • Consider using videos, photos and images from the department in action, and testimonials in your application.  These are useful tools in helping the selection panel understand your request and the specific need your department has.
  • It should be very clear to the panel exactly what equipment is being requested, and the cost of the equipment. If requesting more than one item, each item should be separately priced and listed in order of most needed first.
The OAFC is extremely grateful to Jenny's Heroes Canada for this generous opportunity and we hope we can continue work with such a dedicated and renowned philanthropist.  We encourage you to visit Jenny's Heroes Canada website at for more information on this program, and to view previous grant recipients.

How to apply:

Download the application information and form below. Submissions will be accepted by email, fax or mail.  Please forward to:
Jenny’s Heroes Canada Equipment Grant
c/o Michelle O’Hara, Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs
520 Westney Road South, Unit 22, Ajax, Ontario  L1S 6W6
Email:   Fax: 905-426-3032
Note: The OAFC has a 6MB email size restriction.  If your application package exceeds that size, please contact us and we will provide you with a link where you can upload your application to us directly.
Questions regarding the Jenny’s Heroes Canada Equipment Grant can be sent to Michelle O’Hara, Operations & Business Development Manager, by email to or call 905-426-9865 x222.
Please note the application form for the 2019 Spring/Summer grant will be available in early April 2019.