News release

October 9, 2018
Contact: Michelle O’Hara
Operations Manager
Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs

Jenny Jones Supports Volunteer Firefighters Across Ontario 

Doubling Her Jenny’s Heroes Canada Grant

Ajax, ON – After receiving an overwhelming response to the Jenny’s Heroes Canada – Ontario Fire Services Equipment Grant process from volunteer fire departments across Ontario, television personality Jenny Jones decided to double the grant to $50,000 from its original amount of $25,000. More than 100 applications for the grant were received and from there, six departments were chosen for various equipment needs and funding amounts.
This generous offer from Jenny Jones provides several volunteer fire departments the opportunity to buy much needed equipment so that they can offer the skilled, competent and caring services to the communities they are committed to protect,” says OAFC President, Chief Stephen Hernen. “We are grateful to Jenny Jones and her Foundation for recognizing the need that these departments have. Often, volunteer fire departments are challenged to purchase updated equipment, gear and technology to protect their firefighters. This grant will go a long way to supporting this important community service.”
Jenny Jones grew up in London, Ontario and wanted to give back to her home province. In partnership with the Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs (OAFC), Jenny established “Jenny’s Heroes Canada” to offer grants to Ontario’s volunteer fire departments for the purchase of safety equipment.  I have a profound respect for anyone who chooses a life of service to the community,” says Jenny, “even more so when the risks are great. My hope is that my contribution will keep Ontario’s volunteer firefighters safe and help them provide the best possible service to their communities.”
Jenny personally called each volunteer fire department today to share the good news about their grant.
The recipients of Jenny’s Heroes Canada Ontario Fire Services Equipment Grant are:
Fire Department
Nolalu Emergency Services Team (Nolalu, ON)
Newer 4x4 Pick-up Truck
Need to replace their current vehicle, which is not safe and is prone to mechanical failure. The only hospital is 60km away and the closest ambulance station is 25km away. In order to provide residents timely access to emergency care and first responders, there is a need for a new first response vehicle.
Pellatt United Firefighters Inc.   (Keewatin, ON)
Portable Pump
To be able to better manage home and bush fires where a water supply is not readily available. The pump would reduce the turnaround time for the tanker to less than half of the time it takes now.
Laurentian Hills Fire Department (Deep River,ON)
The department does not have enough proper helmets to outfit all of the volunteer firefighters. This grant will support firefighters with much needed new protective equipment that will also go a long way in the recruitment and retention of volunteers.
Papineau-Cameron Fire Department (Mattawa, ON)
Upgraded radio systems headsets
The department’s current headsets are old and have been repaired many times. In one tanker, the user can sometimes hear but not speak/relay any messages and sometimes the only use they serve is to keep firefighters’ ears warm. In another tanker, there is a cab radio but nothing at the pump panel so the operator must do their best to hear and speak via portable radio over the noise of the pump; and, visual signals from the attack crew may not be seen by the pump operator as the panel is located on one side of the truck if the fire is further away/on the opposite side.
Wabigoon Fire Department (Wabigoon, ON)
First aid equipment
New first aid equipment could mean the difference between life and death for highway patients. It is not unusual for this department to be at a highway scene before the police and paramedics. This equipment would enhance their ability to quickly and effectively treat patients on scene.
Redditt Volunteer Fire Department (Redditt, ON)
Computer, printer, television, DVD player
The department does not currently have this equipment. All paperwork and forms are completed and printed outside of the department, which takes time away from other duties. The television and DVD player would be used for training the team together rather than individuals taking materials home to watch and learn on their own.
In May 2018, the Jenny Jones Foundation reached out to the OAFC with a vision to give back to those who serve in their communities, and where a financial contribution would make a significant impact. The OAFC immediately recognized the potential to work with Jenny, providing a medium to reach volunteer fire departments in Ontario, knowing this opportunity would make a difference to the departments and their communities. In addition, the opportunity aligned with the OAFC’s mandate to provide access to resources that help support their members’ role as fire and emergency service leaders in their communities.
About the Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs (OAFC):
The OAFC represents more than 700 chief fire officers in Ontario, from across 448 municipalities, who are responsible for the management and delivery of fire, rescue and emergency response to the province’s 13 million residents. Our mission is to lead innovation and excellence in public and life safety by inspiring and influencing a safer Ontario. For more information, visit
About the Jenny Jones Foundation
Jenny Jones is best known for hosting the nationally syndicated talk show, “Jenny Jones,” but her resume includes many careers including waitress, bookkeeper, temp worker, fashion model, caterer, comedian, musician, singer, songwriter, author, food blogger, and philanthropist. The Jenny Jones Foundation was established in 2005 as a means to provide assistance to those who are underserved.
In 2008, Jones established “Jenny’s Heroes,” a program where she committed close to two million dollars to be given to individuals who used it to improve their communities in the U.S.A. After choosing 100 Heroes and covering all 50 states, Jones concluded the “Jenny’s Heroes” program, but she has continued her philanthropic efforts. In the summer of 2016, Jones donated $200,000 to fund a new, state-of-the-art playground in her hometown of London, Ontario. The following year, Jones made a $50,000 donation to My Sister’s Place, a London shelter that provides services to all women without judgement. For more on Jenny’s Philanthropy, visit