IAFF Fire Ground Survival Train-the-Trainer Course


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IAFF Fire Ground Survival (FGS) Train-the-Trainer Course

Hosted by Belleville Fire & Emergency Services

June 20 - 23, 2022


Belleville Fire & Emergency Services will be hosting a Train-the-Trainer IAFF Fire Ground Survival (FGS) Train-the-Training program the week of June 20th, 2022. 

This course is instructed by six Master Instructors from the IAFF over a four-day period.  

The cost per individual is $1700 in Canadian Funds. 

IAFF FGS Train-the-Trainer Course is hosted by a fire department utilizing IAFF FGS Master Instructors and is designed to certify FGS Instructors by the IAFF from within IAFF-affiliated fire departments from the ranks of fire fighters, company officers and chief officers.

These IAFF-Certified FGS Instructors will have the ability to train their fire department’s recruits and incumbents who have completed the FGS Online Awareness Course.

IAFF-Certified FGS Instructors enhance these training sessions and increase retention by utilizing the FGS Classroom Instruction in addition to the FGS Online Awareness Course materials. IAFF-Certified FGS Instructors are also certified to deliver the FGS Hands-On Skills Training. Additionally, IAFF-Certified FGS Instructors are certified to train selected members as FGS Assistant Instructors from their fire department to assist in delivering the FGS Operations Course.

IAFF-affiliated fire departments can host a four-day FGS Train-the-Trainer Course by scheduling through the IAFF Occupational Health, Safety and Medicine Division. The fire department host will determine class dates and location in coordination with IAFF staff. IAFF FGS Master Instructors shall teach the FGS Train-the-Trainer Course.

  • Accessibility: Only licensed IAFF local-affiliated fire departments will be allowed to host an IAFF FGS Train-the-Trainer Course. Course dates, locations and fire department hosts will be listed on the FGS website. Depending on space availability as determined by the host fire department, the IAFF FGS Train-the-Trainer Course can be attended by fire fighters from different fire departments by registering on the IAFF’s FGS website.
  • Prerequisites: FGS Online Awareness Course; be a fire fighter or employed by a fire department and involved in a fire service training program; at least one year of teaching experience; demonstrated ability to teach from prepared materials; and certification to the NFPA Instructor I level or equivalent.
  • FGS Certification: Members successfully completing the IAFF FGS Train-the-Trainer four-day Course will receive an IAFF-Certified Instructor Certificate, which will include date of completion and identification of hours trained (32 hours for FGS Train-the-Trainer Course).

For more information on the course, please visit: https://www.iaff.org/fire-ground-survival/#courses-certification-offered

To participate in the course and to reserve your department's spot(s), please contact Chief Monique Belair of Belleville Fire & Emergency Services at mbelair@belleville.ca.