Fire ban on now in Quinte West, says fire chief - A huge grass fire on Harrington Road on April 15 was enough for Fire Chief John Whelan. “I just put out a fire ban now,” he said from the field where four fire stations were actively... Read more >
Hamilton fire department looking for a few good men - actually women - Go to any fire scene across Hamilton on any given day and chances are most of the firefighters you will see are white men. It's not an issue unique to Hamilton or to... Read more >
Welland firefighters want training facility - Welland firefighters have never had a proper training facility to hone their skills. And both the chief and deputy chief of Welland Fire and Emergency Services told council that they needed one... Read more >
Woman found dead on porch after blaze - A woman in her 50s died a fiery death on the front porch of her family’s Rexdale home early Wednesday. And, sadly, a tenant of the Tealham Dr. bungalow said the victim may have set herself ablaze. Jeet... Read more >
Cobourg man sent to hospital following house fire at Scotty’s Motel - One man was sent to hospital after a fire broke out in a Cobourg home at Scotty’s Motel Monday night.    Cobourg Fire crews responded to the residence at... Read more >
Alarms for silent killer now mandatory in many homes - Carbon monoxide alarms will be required as of April 15. A new provincial law makes it mandatory that carbon monoxide alarms be installed in homes with a fuel-burning appliance, a fireplace or an... Read more >
SIX NATIONS New fire chief comes 'full circle' - Matthew Miller is glad to be appointed the new fire chief at Six Nations after 15-year service to the volunteer department. "I've always maintained a connection to the department and... Read more >
News Release - Fire: “Downtown Stayner Update” Clearview Fire & Emergency Services, responded to a reported structure fire at 12:40 am on April 10, 2015 in the area of 7279 Highway 26 between Perry Street and Huron Street... Read more >
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Glebe fire: What makes a building explode? It's just like your car engine - Explosions in a building happen exactly the same way as the explosions that make your car engine run — except they’re much bigger. Richard Boyes, the... Read more >