Greater Napanee Fire Service Announces New Deputy Chief
-For Immediate Release-
January 6th, 2014
Greater Napanee Fire Service
 Announces New Deputy Chief
Greater Napanee Fire Services – General Manager/Fire Chief Terry Gervais announced today that Kevin Donaldson will be the new Deputy Fire Chief replacing Ian Shetler for the Town of Greater Napanee Emergency Services.
Deputy Chief Donaldson has been an employee of Goodyear since 1992 where he was a member of the plant’s Emergency Response Team.  In 1994, he joined the Stone Mills Fire Department where he held the positions of Firefighter, Captain, Deputy District Chief and Deputy Chief. He was also responsible for the planning and development of their Tanker Shuttle Program; a program identified for implementation in the Town of Greater Napanee’s new Fire Master Plan.
Kevin, his wife Cara, and his 17 year old son Kyle are currently looking for a home within Greater Napanee and are excited to become a part of our community says General Manager/Fire Chief Terry Gervais.
For more information, contact: 
Terry Gervais, General Manager/Fire Chief, Greater Napanee Fire Services 613-354-3415