FDSOA Hot Topics - 5 Reads Information

FDSOA Hot Topics - 5 Reads Information

FDSOA Hot Topics - 5 Reads Information


Please note the maximum participants for this course is 50.

Building on the outstanding training programs developed by Dave Dodson, The 5 Reads is a class developed by the Fire Department Safety Officers Association (FDSOA) for Company Officers, Incident Safety Officers and Chief Officers where they can learn to take their ability to Read 5 Critical Factors at any emergency response to the next level.

The class will review and emphasize the significance of The 5 Reads which include:

  • Risk: Identification, Evaluation, Prioritization, Mitigation, and Monitoring
  • Buildings: Type, Era, Use, Size, Related Hazards and Predicting Collapse
  • Smoke: Volume, Velocity, Density, Color, Influencing Factors, and Predicting Fire Behavior
  • Hazardous Energy: Thermal, Mechanical, Wind, Chemical, Electrical, Water
  • Firefighters: Capabilities, Mental and Physical Status

Using the key information gained from reading those 5 Critical Factors plans can be formulated and actions taken to insure both effective and safe emergency response operations.

To learn more about to class click here!

Some comments from class attendees that confirms the value of the class:

  • “A real world look at how to manage the fireground from people that have been there.”
  • “It was a great program for firefighters that don’t run a lot of fires or operate as a full-time ISO.”
  • “This is a program that should be offered outside the FDSOA conference, so more firefighters have access to the very valuable information.”


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