Frequently Asked Questions

Used Equipment Ads on the OAFC website are a great way to advertise items for sale or items wanted.  The ads are listed under Marketplace & Bookstore and are highlighted on the home page.

To get your items listed on the OAFC website, please send us an email with your request.  

When sending your request, please ensure to include the following information:

  • Title of item and full item description.
  • Attach photos and technical specification documents.
  • Directions on how to purchase the item and whom can be contacted for questions or to purchase the item.
  • Closing date (if applicable)

Pricing for Equipment Ads

  • The cost for equipment for sale is $50 + HST for OAFC members.
  • The cost for equipment for sale is $75 + HST for non-members.
  • The cost for non-members seeking equipment is $50 + HST, no charge for OAFC members.
  • There is no charge for anyone donating apparatus/equipment

Additional questions can be forwarded to Laura Aivaliotis at or you can contact us through this website.

To access information about becoming an OAFC member, please visit the Membership section on our website.  You can register online or by downloading the registration form on each member type page. 

Additional questions can be forwarded to the OAFC office by emailing Laura Aivaliotis at or click on our contact page.

To list a job opportunity on the OAFC website, please email us with your request.  

Please include the following information in your email:

  • Full contact information including payment details.
  • The job posting in Microsoft Word.  Please do not send a scanned document.  If you would like to include your logo or any additional files for posting, please include it as an attachment.
  • Closing date of the job ad.  We will remove the posting on the website after this date.
  • Title of job posting.  Format is as follows:  "Chief Operations Officer, OAFC - Ajax, Ontario" (the date posted is added automatically).
  • Please ensure your job posting includes how a person can apply.

Please allow one business day for your posting to become live on the site. 

The cost to post a job opportunity is as follows:

MEMBER-RATE:  $350.00 plus applicable taxes
Eligibility: You must have an OAFC member in your municipality or an Industry Member.
NON-MEMBER RATE:  $500.00 plus applicable taxes.
Additional questions can be forwarded to Laura Aivaliotis at