OAFC Webinar: Emergency Preparedness and Response Unit (EPRU)
Presented by Dale Moore & DJ Kembel from the Office of the Fire Marshal and Emergency Management (OFMEM), this webinar will provide attendees with an overview the OFMEM Emergency Preparedness and Response Unit (EPRU).
Participants will learn:
  • What is the EPRU, and who they are,
  • What resources they have for chief officers,
  • How they can assist fire services,
  • How fire services can access their resources, and
  • How fire services can access Provincial Hazardous Material Response Teams (HMRT) and Urban Search and Rescue teams (USAR).

This session is via Zoom Meeting, held on Tuesday, March 23, 2021 at 10:00am EST.

It is open to all those in the fire serive, and is free for OAFC Individual Members, Associate Members, and one (1) Industry member.  There is a small fee for non-members. 

About The Office of the Fire Marshal and Emergency Management (OFMEM), Emergency Preparedness and Response Unit (EPRU) within Fire Investigation Services (FIS)

  • Provides a provincial level expert capability to respond to and coordinate Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) and Hazardous Materials (HazMat) / Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosive (CBRNE) emergency incidents that are beyond the capabilities of the local jurisdiction.  The members of the unit are experts in their disciplines and ensure that provincial interests are met when the OFMEM engages Provincial USAR and/or CBRNE teams.
  • Provides specialized equipment and technology to assist fire services and the OFMEM with complex incidents as required.
  • Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) missions to support fire investigations, Provincial USAR, HazMat and CBRNE teams, fire services, police services including support, administration and training for OFMEM.
  • Responds, provides training, advises and assists fire investigators and the entire OFMEM in the areas of hazardous environments, occupational health and safety, personal protective equipment, extreme weather support, exhibit/evidence management and inventory/asset management. 
  • Members are recognized as experts at the federal, provincial and local level, as well as other provincial ministries, fire and police services and by emergency management organizations.
  • Responds, provides training, advises and assists police services with clandestine drug labs, including air monitoring, remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) support, portable air cylinder re-filling and assisting with prosecutions.


Dale Moore, Program Specialist

Dale Moore joined the OFM in 2010 as a Fire Protection Advisor, then moved to Inspection and Enforcement as a Program Specialist.  He now a member of Emergency Preparedness and Response Unit (EPRU) as a Program Specialist. He is responsible for the 6 Provincial Hazmat/CBRNE teams and coordinates funding, training and deployment of these teams.
He previously has spent 26 years in Fire Service – Gatineau Quebec as the-Chief of Operations – Suppression.  As chief of Operations was responsible for Quebec Provincial Hazmat/CBRNE Regional Teams.  Dale is a member of the Provincial Advisory Committees – Ontario and Quebec for creation of Provincial Hazmat/CBRNE teams and has been a Federal CBRNE instructor for the Canadian Emergency Preparedness College First Responder Training Program for Canada and International training program (South East Asia).  He did a 2 year secondment to RCMP CBRNE/National Security Team, was the Quebec representative and Fire Service liaison for U.S. Presidential Security Detail George Bush – Ottawa visit and was a member of the Vancouver Olympics CBRNE Security detail. Dale teaches the Synthetic Drug Officer training course at the Ontario Police College and supports Police Services Drug Enforcement teams and the Provincial Cannabis Enforcement Task Force.

DJ Kembel, Program Specialist

DJ Kembel has been a Program Specialist with the OFM since 2005, providing advice and assistance to regional fire services specializing in fire code inspection and enforcement.  In July of 2019, DJ moved to the Emergency Preparedness Unit  within Fire Investigation Services of the OFM.  DJ has been a Hazardous Materials Technician since 2007, specializing in clandestine drug labs and marijuana grow-Ops teaching at the Canadian Police College, the Ontario Police College and the Ontario Fire College.  Prior to joining the OFM, DJ was the deputy fire chief of Shuniah Emergency Services.

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