OAFC 2021 Virtual Conference and Trade Show - Attendees

OAFC 2021 Virtual Conference and Trade Show September 21-22-23, 2021 

Get ready for learning, inspiration, and connections!

This year, the Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs (OAFC) Annual Conference & Trade Show will be virtual!  It has been reimagined to help meet the challenges of our rapidly changing world. We have built an agenda that will provide training and education, share compelling insights, and help build new relationships.
The OAFC 2021 annual conference is geared to chief officers working in fire and emergency services, or a related sector. OAFC 2021 will help strengthen your skills and build connections through sessions and training provided by industry experts.
This brand-new, interactive virtual event is designed to facilitate knowledge exchange across the field, providing leaders in fire and emergency services with opportunities to learn, collaborate, and connect.

2021 Event Highlights:

  • Virtual: OAFC 2021 will be a networking hub - the next best thing to a live, in-person event.  We will be using technology to educate, train, interact, and help our vendors introduce new products to you.
  • Familiar & New Platforms: OAFC 2021 will bring you exciting content on the ZOOM Platform, the Airmeet Platform to network, and the ExVo platform for the Trade show.
  • OAFC Virtual Trade Show: Will be held on September 21, 2021.  Its been a long year, especially without an in-person show. The Trade Show is meant for both exhibitors AND attendees.  It includes exciting educational speakers and several opportunities to network and reconnect with your peers.  Attendees can visit exhibitor booths on our exciting 3D trade show floor and take part in one-on-one discussions (or larger groups), exhibitor demos, and take advantage of show specials!  The trade show and exhibitor support has always been integral to the OAFC and to our conferences, and this year is no different. 
  • OAFC Annual Conference September 22 & 23, 2021: The conference will be full of opportunities to network, learn, and connect.  The content at OAFC 2021 will no longer be split into specific streams.  All sessions will be approximately 60 minutes in length, to encourage a wide variety of topics and to best maximize your time.
  • Dynamic Keynote Speakers Include:
    • Dr. Samantha Weeks, Retired Colonel, United States Air Force,  who will kick off the trade show
    • Ali W. Rothrock, Executive Director, First Responders Care
    • Celina Caesar Chavannes, A Leader in the Diversity Realm
    • Joe Roberts, Skid Row CEO
    • Crystal D’Cunha, Founder and Chief Experience Officer at The INSIDE View
  • OAFC Member Requested Sessions: Including government relations, fire trends and fire index data, cancer prevention, and mental health conversations and discussions.
Visit the conference agenda page for more details on the new format.

2021 Platforms

ZOOM Platform 

Airmeet Introduction
ExVo Introduction

A special thank you to our sponsors for your continued support of our association and Ontario's fire service!


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OAFC 2021 - Virtual Trade Show

September 21, 2021

If you are an EXHIBITOR, please visit the OAFC 2021 Virtual Vendor Education Day and Trade Show section.

Virtual Trade Show - September 21, 2021
The OAFC 2021 Trade Show connects vendors with YOU – the buyers and decision makers. It is a virtual hub for chief fire officers to learn about the latest products available, keep the vendors informed about what your needs and wants are, and reconnect with vendors that you may not have seen in awhile due to the pandemic.  We will kick off the trade show with a dynamic Keynote, Dr. Samantha Weeks, Retired Colonel, United States Air Force who will speak about Trust and Teamwork: The Necessities to Building Partnerships.
Exhibitors will have booths setup, custom designed by them in which you can explore using your keyboard (you will actually be able to walk around). At each booth you will be able to speak to exhibitors and join in conversations, access their booth content - videos, presentations, demos and downloads. You can even engage other attendees in one-on-one or group discussions on the trade show floor and visit booths together. 
For 2021, the OAFC is offering a limited number of exhibitor spots to vendors to present their products and services. OAFC 2021 is the must-attend exhibition for fire services in Canada. 
Get your fire department purchasing done in record time and take advantage of promotions and specials offered by exhibitors.  It will feel like you are connecting in person with the ExVo platform.

Technological Requirements

Attendees must have access to stable, high speed internet connection to use these virtual platforms.  We also recommend a desktop/laptop computer with camera, microphone, and good sound.
Any specific technical requirements will be provided after registration.  If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our event management.

OAFC 2021 Virtual Trade Show Exhibitors

A.J. Stone Company
ALG Safety
Annex Media
Commercial Emergency Equipment Co.
1200° Darch Fire Inc.
Dependable Emergency Vehicles / Dependable Fire Equipment
Draeger Safety Canada Ltd.
Emergmart Response Systems, Inc.
FireRein Inc. 
Fort Garry Fire Trucks
Guelph Humber
Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure
Industries Lafleur Inc.
Innotex Inc.
Krown Corp - Krown Rust Control
Martin & Levesque/Blauer Canada
MSA - The Safety Company
PPE Solutions
Safety Media Inc.
Talbot Marketing/Uniforms
TC Energy
Tech Forward Solutions
VFIS of Canada
The list of 2021 exhibitors will be updated regulary!  So check back soon and often!
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OAFC 2021 Virtual Conference and Trade Show - Agenda - More Updates Coming Soon!

Trade Show - Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Virtual Trade Show - ExV0 3D Virtual Trade Show Platform
Trade Show
Opening Remarks
Trust and Teamwork: The Necessities to Building Partnerships
Keynote: Dr. Samantha Weeks, Retired Colonel, United States Air Force
Trade Show
The Crystal Ball of a Post-COVID Economy
Benj Gallander,  Co-Editor of the Contra the Heard Investment Letter
Chiefs Panel & Vendor Discussion: Making Changes, Future of Fire Services, Thinking Green, Purchasing, Technology and more
  • Chief David Cunliffe - Hamilton Fire
  • Chief Jason Whiteley - North Bay Fire
  • Deptuy Chief Rob Grimwood - Vaughan Fire
  • Mary-Ann Kotylak, Purchasing Manager,  City of North Bay
  • Rob Anselmi,  Division Chief, Equipment & Asset Management, Toronto Fire Services
Trade Show
Wednesday, September 22, 2021
Welcome & Opening Remarks
Master of Ceremonies
Resilience in Action
Keynote: Ali W. Rothrock
Executive Director, First Responders Care
Government Relations 101
Gregory J. Stulen, Senior Associate, Government Relations, Pathway Group
The 25 Live: Cancer Prevention Tips to Transform your Fire Department
Jim Burneka, FF/PM, FF Cancer Consultant
Firefighter Cancer Consultants, and Dayton, OH FF/PM
Mental Stress Claims: Practical Strategies to Support Successful Return to Work
Liz Horvath, Mental Health Commission of Canada & Addie Greco-Sanchez, AGS Rehab Solution
Networking Session
Thursday, September 23, 2021
Welcome & Opening Remarks
Master of Ceremonies
Inequity in Equity: The Shortcomings of Traditional Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)
Celina Caesar Chavannes, A Leader in the Diversity Realm
Community Risk Reduction & Assessments
Laura King, National Fire Prevention Association
Update from the Office of the Fire Marshal and Emergency Management
Jon Pegg, Ontario Fire Marshal and Chief, Emergency Management
Networking Session

Technology Requirements

Attendees must have access to stable, high speed internet connection to use the virtual platforms.  We also recommend a desktop/laptop computer with camera, microphone, and good sound.
Any specific technical requirements will be provided after registration.  Contact our event management team for any questions.
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OAFC 2021 Virtual Conference and Trade Show - Speakers and Presentation Overviews

Tuesday, September 21, 2021 
Keynote Presentation: Trust and Teamwork: The Necessities to Building Partnerships
Dr. Samantha Weeks, Retired Colonel, United States Air Force
Dr Samantha Weeks, Colonel, United States Air Force, retired, will share her experiences as the first-female solo pilot on the Air Force Thunderbirds in building trust and teamwork to showcase the pride and precision as part of a high-performance demonstration team.  She'll connect this message with how partnerships, built on trust and teamwork, are a true center of gravity to accomplish any mission undertaken.  
Session Overview:
While working at NORAD Samantha learned that partnerships are the center of gravity.  Flying as a  thunderbird where trust and teamwork are paramount to partnerships.  Samantha will share her journey, while bringing the importance of a cohesive partnership that allows vendors to support the OAFC  mission to ensure that it is accomplished effectively and safely.  

The Crystal Ball of a Post-COVID Economy
Benj Gallander,  Co-Editor of the Contra the Heard Investment Letter
The Globe and Mail, called Benj Gallander “The most classic of contrarians.” In another article they wrote, “Benj Gallander is widely considered to be Canada’s top authority on contrarian investing.” The National Post stated, “If all the world’s a stage, then Benj Gallander is one of the market’s greatest characters.” Over at the Investor’s Digest magazine, he was featured amongst “Canada’s Best Investors…” In the best-seller “Market Masters: Interviews with Canada’s Top Investors ― Proven Investing Strategies You Can Apply”, Benj was #1 of 28 people on the list.
Benj is the co-editor of the Contra the Heard Investment Letter (www.contratheheard.com), which has amongst the highest returns in the world at 18,1 percent annualized over the past 20 years. He is the author of three best-selling books, two in the stock market sector and The Canadian Small Business Survival Guide, which was first published in 1988 and is still in the stores today.  Six of his plays have seen the stage across Canada. He is a co-founder of one of Canada’s largest performance festival, SummerWorks, which celebrated its 29th anniversary. His columns have appeared under The Contra Guys banner in The Globe and Mail since 2001. He also writes for MoneySaver Magazine and a number of publication in the United States including Wall Street Digest.
He was a regular on BNN – Bloomberg’s number one show for almost 20 years. In addition, he appeared every couple of weeks on CBC’s On the Money with Peter Armstrong, talking about topics as diverse as marijuana, crypto currencies, AI and many others until, ironically, the show ran out of money.
Speaking engagements have included Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Palm Springs, South Africa, many universities, plus more. Once upon a time he also worked for the Ontario Worker Co-op Federation, which was designed to help people who were on EI and Welfare to start businesses. He was a provincial coordinator.
He also taught at Humber College and adult education for three years. The courses were: How to Start a Business and Market Research.

Keynote Presentations September 22 & 23, 2021

Keynote Presentation: Take a Step Forward: Creating a more Diverse, Inclusive, and Equitable Environment in 2021 and Beyond! 
Crystal D’Cunha, Founder and Chief Experience Officer at The INSIDE View
Those who have the ability to leave a lasting impression and seriously love what they do are unforgettable. There is nothing more memorable than excellent customer service. Meet, the INSIDE View’s Chief Experience Officer, Crystal D’Cunha, who leads by example. Her passion is to support teams and individuals to reach and exceed their sales and service goals! Her experience and commitment to developing the careers of the people around her is due to her deep passion and drive to see others succeed in the Sales Industry.
Crystal D’Cunha is an award-winning entrepreneur, accomplished Senior Executive, Consultant, Sales Professional and Customer Experience Thought Leader with more than 22 years of success in the retail, construction, non-profit, hospitality, and e-commerce industries. Leveraging extensive experience with strategic innovation, personnel issues, and employee engagement, Crystal is a valuable asset to companies seeking guidance on leadership development, talent management, creative recruitment and engaging spirited results. Her broad areas of expertise include sales, sales growth, management consulting, leadership training and development, coaching and executing company vision strategy, as well as journey mapping the employee and customer experience.
As a former executive, Crystal spent nearly two decades in the corporate world directing, coaching, and leading sales forces valued more than $50 million. Her global experiences led her to her current role as President and CEO of The INSIDE View Inc. Her career has taken her around the world, creating a global brand for herself and The INSIDE View, yet she stays rooted where she feels most at home, in Canada. With The INSIDE View, her focus is simple; She wants to give her best self every day; tap into the passion and purpose of sales leaders, enhance the consumer experience from every angle, and change the paradigm of organizational culture by setting a new standard. Her approach is unique and has become a disruptor in the Customer Experience and training industry. With the use of multimedia reporting tools, and strategic affiliate partnerships The INSIDE View is one of a kind. Through Exploration, Experimentation and Examination Crystal designed The INSIDE View’s Signature Sales System: Customer Experience Excellence (CXE)!
Session Overview
With the world becoming more mobile and diverse, diversity has taken on a vast, new importance. In this session you will develop strategies for removing barriers and stereotypes and will learn to encourage diversity both in the workplace and in your communities. 
Attendees will learn
  • The leadership approach to removing barriers, encouraging D&I conversations, and inspiring social change.
  • Dealing with D&I complaints – what to do and how to lead the process, understand leadership roles, creating a support system, and taking appropriate action at the appropriate time.
  • Learning from the past to gain closure and with confidence to take action.

Keynote Presentation: Energy Management
Joe Roberts, Skid Row CEO
Joe Roberts, Skid Row CEO, is the winner of the Ontario Premiers Award, The Courage to Come Back Award, has received an Honorary Doctorate from Laurentian University and was recently awarded the Meritorious Service Medal from the Governor General of Canada. Joe’s life wasn’t however always this good, in fact 25 years ago he pushed a shopping cart in Vancouver’s downtown eastside as a homeless drug addict. Joe maximized his second chance in life to create extraordinary business success but he didn’t stop there. Joe and his wife Marie, started The Push for Change, a 17 month, 9000 kilometre walk across Canada to raise awareness and funds for youth homelessness. Joe’s story is one of perseverance, determination and the resiliency of the human spirit. He is a living testament to the idea that “anything is possible”.
Session Overview:
How are you coping with stress responding to ups and downs in your energy? How is it affecting your performance and the performance of your team and your business?
Optimal health performance is not just about hard work and accountability, but also about being human and managing the normal limits of output.  Forward thinking individuals, businesses organizations respond proactively to health concerns like burnout and fatigue, hot topics, and supporting people at a human level, while striving for higher performance. 
Ithis session we look at the links between stress, energy demands, and health and performance in everyday life, including the following:
  • The science of multi category stress and recovery
  • Skills to prevent burnout and build your energy health
  • Developing and applying resilient mindsets to work life
  • Exploring strategies to reduce stress and support energy recharge

This session will show you how not only to respond to stress burnout effectively, but how to prevent negative outcomes and build personal resiliency leading to:

  • More productivity
  • Increase in mental physical health
  • Decrease in sick leave
  • Substantial increase in morale happiness

Keynote Presentation: First Responders Care
Ali W. Rothrock, Executive Director
Ali Rothrock is a speaker, author, educator, and advocate. She has delivered over 500 presentations nationwide. Ali has been in the volunteer fire service since 2005, enjoying more than a decade as a firefighter and Emergency Medical Technician.

Ali is the CEO & Lead Instructor for On the Job and Off, which is an online platform dedicated to building more resilient first responders. Ali is also the Executive Director of First Responders Care, a non-profit that empowers first responders to take an active role in their communities resilience. 

She is a member of the Cumberland County (PA) Critical Incident Stress Management Team and is a Behavioral Health volunteer with the Medical Reserve Corps. Ali is a Certified Trauma Responder through the Association of Traumatic Stress Specialists. Ali has worked as a sexual assault and domestic violence counselor, and has served on multiple national diversity and inclusion committees.

Ali is also a certified QPR Suicide Prevention instructor through the QPR Institute. She is the Eastern Division Trustee for Women in Fire. Ali is the author of Where Hope Lives, a memoir detailing her journey through her first few years in the fire service. She is currently writing her second book which details her story of trauma recovery while featuring other’s stories too. Book Two is being published in 2022 by Broadleaf Books.

Ali has an Associate’s Degree in Fire Science and a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology with an emphasis in crisis counseling. She lives in Pennsylvania with her husband. 

Keynote Presentation: Inequity in Equity: The Shortcomings of Traditional Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)
Celina Caesar Chavannes, A Leader in the Diversity Realm
Celina Caesar-Chavannes is a business consultant, coach, and international speaker. She currently serves as the Sr. Advisor, EDI Initiatives and Adjunct Lecturer at Queen’s University and her forthcoming book, “Can You Hear Me Now?” published by Penguin Random House Canada, was made avilable on February 2, 2021. She is the former Member of Parliament for Whitby, Parliamentary Secretary to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and Parliamentary Secretary for International Development. During her term as a Member of Parliament, Celina was awarded several distinctions including a feature in the April 2018 edition of O (Oprah Winfrey) Magazine entitled, “What would you stand up for" and was named Chatelaine Magazine’s Woman of the Year (2019). She has a Bachelor of Science, an MBA in Healthcare Management, and an Executive MBA from the Rotman School of Management.
She can be followed on all social media platforms under the handle: @iamcelinacc
Session Overview:
Investing in DEI is easy. The challenge is getting a return on your investment. Most organizations do not know where to start or where the real pain points exist to enable real returns. In this presentation, Celina starts with the foundational elements, then shows through clear pictures and examples how most organizations continue to create inequity. Finally, she will help you understand what it is costing you and how you can fix it.
These talks leave audiences feeling refreshed and knowledgeable, and gives people the tools to overcome the challenges that limit creating real equity, and build brighter futures for their organizations.  

Speaker & Presentation Overviews 

Government Relations 101
Gregory J. Stulen, Senior Associate, Government Relations, Pathway Group
Gregory J. Stulen is a specialist in strategic communications and public policy transformation.  He has a track record of success in working with political, business, public service, media, and community leaders to influence change and to create positive outcomes for clients. He brings to the team a strong knowledge of government processes, a focus on fostering meaningful relationships with decision makers, and a drive to find compromises that ensure public policy wins for everyone involved.  Gregory is a seasoned political operator. He has worked at all three levels of government, has served as both political staff and as a public servant, has run two government focused private sector businesses, and has worked on 19 political campaigns and counting.
He holds a Master’s Degree in Political Management from Carleton University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science with an emphasis in Law and Policy from Trent University.

The 25 Live: Cancer Prevention tips to transform your Fire Department
Presented by Jim Burneka, FF/PM, FF Cancer Consultant, Firefighter Cancer Consultants, Dayton OHFF/PM
Jim Burneka has been a FF/PM with the Dayton Ohio Fire Department since 2001.  Jim currently resides as the Health & Safety Coordinator for Dayton Firefighters Local 136.  Jim has been involved in the fight against occupational cancer for over 15 years.  Jim has presented on cancer prevention throughout the US & Canada.  Jim's training has been certified through the ISFSI TCP Program.  Jim hosts a weekly FF Health & Wellness podcast called "The 25 Live" and a monthly webcast/podcast called “APS Radio” on Fire Engineering.  Jim is also a Technical Committee Member on NFPA 1585 Contamination Control.

Session Overview:

Fire departments have begun to recognize the growing epidemic of occupational firefighter cancers, but may not know how to start implementing preventative measures within their departments. The ‘25 Live’ is a simplified checklist, created with the intent of assisting departments evaluate their current practices, in comparison to the best practices available on reducing the risk of receiving an occupational firefighter cancer diagnosis.

Each attendee will gain an understanding of the specific steps that can be taken to reduce the risk of firefighters being diagnosed with occupational cancers.  The steps have been consolidated into a realistic, preventive checklist consisting of 25 points.  This presentation will assist each department in determining where they currently stand with their firefighter cancer preventive initiatives.  This presentation will teach you "why" these changes need to take place, and "how" to realistically implement the recommended changes.

Fire Trends and Fire Index Data
Bill Gardner, Senior Director of Fire Products for ESO 
Bill Gardner has more than 35 years of Fire and EMS experience. Most recently, he was the Chief of the Leander Fire Department, retiring in February 2019 and holding that role since 2010. Gardner was instrumental in helping the fire department grow and scale in one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States. Chief Gardner has worked in various sized agencies from all-volunteer to metro-size departments.  He has numerous recognitions during his service at the local, state, national level. He currently holds Master Fire Firefighter Certification, Investigators Certification, Instructor Certifications, CFO, and CFE. He also served as the President of the Texas State Firefighters and Fire Marshals’ Association. Gardner serves as a Volunteer Firefighter/Senior Advisor and Board Member for Leander Fire Department currently, as an instructor and Advisory Board Member to TEEX Annual School Programs, Instructor in Chief Development Program, and presents at numerous state and national conferences. Additionally, Gardner works with publishers and programs on curriculum development for fire officers and leadership programs. 
Gardner holds several degrees and certifications in fire administration, fire technology, EMS, and emergency management from a variety of organizations, including Texas Tech University, the Center for Public Safety Excellence, and the National Fire Academy.

Mental Stress Claims: Practical Strategies to Support Successful Return to Work
Liz Horvath, Manager, Workplace Mental Health, Mental Health Commission of Canada and  Addie Greco-Sanchez, President, AGS Rehab Solution
For 25 years, Liz Horvath has been helping organizations improve their results by keeping workers healthy, safe and productive.  She is known for her expertise in health and safety management systems integration and her ability to guide people with varying viewpoints to achieve a common goal.  Liz was the CSA Project manager for the creation of the National Standard of Canada for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace.  Liz currently leads the Workplace Mental Health program at the Mental Health Commission of Canada, where she helps organizations implement workplace mental health strategies that align with the Standard. 
Addie Greco-Sanchez is the founder and president of AGS Rehab, a leader in disability management and assessment services since 1999 that has grown into a successful company with a head office in Mississauga and a large network of professionals across Canada. Selected as one of PROFIT/Chatelaine’s Top 100 Female Entrepreneurs, Addie is a passionate and expert advocate for mental health in the workplace and frequent national speaker on the topic of how companies can safeguard employees’ psychological health. She is co-author of the newly released book, The 5-Minute Recharge, 31 Proven Strategies to Refresh, Reset and Become the Boss of Your Day. 

Session Overview:

When an worker has been off work for a leave related to a mental illness, returning to work can be a difficult transition.  Creating a successful return to work plan requires more than simply trying to accommodate the worker’s limitations. It’s about supporting their ability to succeed, and that takes a willingness to dive deeper into understanding both the worker’s needs and how to remove barriers that create and perpetuate participation restrictions.  This session provides an overview of the keys to successful return to work, and practical tips from real success stories.

More presentations overviews and speakers coming soon!

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OAFC 2021 Virtual Conference and Trade Show - Sponsors

The Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs and its members are indebted to the many sponsors who contribute year-after-year to our annual conference and trade show.  Thanks to their continued support, we can offer attendees a unique and exciting experience, and sponsor support allow us to continue development of the services and advocacy that our chief fire officers rely on day-to-day.

A special thank you to our sponsors for your continued support of the association, and the fire service in Ontario!

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OAFC Virtual Queen's Park Advocacy Day

The OAFC will be looking at hosting this event virtually in 2021, however we will be moving it away from the confererence and trade show.
Chief fire officers from across Ontario will virtually attend Queen’s Park to meet with elected officials and staff to advocate on the issues that affect the fire service in Ontario. Advocacy days are an effective and efficient tool in developing and furthering the relationship between the fire service and elected officials from all political parties. It is an opportunity for chief fire officers from across Ontario to come together as one voice to share our vision for public and firefighter safety in Ontario.
More information will be available after July 2021.
Questions regarding this event can be forwarded to Mark Tishman by email at mark.tishman@oafc.on.ca

OAFC Fire Service Virtual Health & Safety Training Workshop - October 20, 2021

The OAFC Fire Service Health & Safety Training Workshop will be  a standalone event for 2021.
The 2021 Fire Service Virtual Health & Safety Training Workshop will address topics and issues at the forefront of health and safety in the fire service.
The agenda was created by the OAFC Health & Safety Committee, who remain at the top of, and ahead of, health and safety issues in Ontario. The goal for this years workshop is to provide information, resources, and training to reduce the number of preventable injuries in fire and emergency services. This includes a focus on cultural and leadership safety at every level of the job, and physical and mental health fitness. 
This workshop is relevant to anyone working in a fire department, whether full-time, part-time, or volunteer. The workshop will take an interactive approach that allows participants to be actively involved in the presentations and receive “straight talk” on the important health and safety issues in a modern-day fire service.
If you have any questions about this event, please reach out to Kris Newton, Events & Trade Show Manager by email at kris.newton@oafc.on.ca 

Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs Memorial Service

The OAFC Memorial Service is an annual event held to honour the chief officers who have passed away since our last conference. 
Due to COVID-19 and the cancellation of in-person events, we have not held this event since 2019.  As many know, the service is very moving, and involves many dignitaries, fire service peronal, chief officers, volunteers, colour guard, and the families of the deceased. 
The OAFC does not want another year to go by without honouring those who have left us since our event in 2019.  This year, we will honour the chief officers with a short virtual memorial presentation later in the year.  This virtual service will not replace the in-person event.  We will still look at properly recogizing these individuals when we can host in-person events again.
More details to follow.

Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs Annual Awards

The OAFC invites you to identify worthy candidates who inspire others, demonstrate initiatives and innovations, and make a difference!  The Awards Ceremony will take place later in 2021 calendar year.
The deadline for Award submissions is Friday, November 5, 2021
Please ensure you submit your nomination before the deadline. For more information including how to nominate someone, please click the following link: https://www.oafc.on.ca/award-nominations

OAFC 2021 Virtual Conference and Trade Show - Contact Us

For questions regarding the event, please contact Kris Newton, Events & Trade Show Manager by email at kris.newton@oafc.on.ca 

We look forward to welcoming you to OAFC 2021!

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