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Fred Wade
1794 Grand Pré Rd
Grand Pré, NS
Canada B0P 1M0

  • Fireworks
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In 2019 Fireworks FX celebrates 36 years of providing a level of professionalism and expertise unavailable elsewhere in the region. With extensive involvement in all areas of the fireworks industry both in Canada and internationally Fireworks FX provides the ultimate in complete “turnkey” events. We have attended 13 International Symposia on Fireworks in Canada, the US, Spain, Italy, Japan, Germany, Mexico, Portugal, Malta, China as well as annual American Pyrotechnic Association conventions throughout the US in order to stay abreast of the latest developments in the industry, including fireworks, equipment and techniques. We travel the world visiting manufacturers and looking for the best in fireworks that the world can offer. This provides our clients with a world class product. Our pyrotechnicians are licensed to shoot not only from conventional sites but unconventional sites such as bridges, barges, rooftops and flatbed trailers with the Explosive Regulatory Division’s highest endorsements. We work closely with the inspectors of the Explosives Regulatory Division to ensure that every aspect of our business meets the high standards for explosives as set down by the ERD. Whenever possible we not only meet but exceed the minimum requirements specified for safe fireworks displays. We teach one of Canada’s most comprehensive certification courses for both fireworks technicians and Fire Prevention officers that are expected to sign off on fireworks displays.

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