Wellington North fire chief presents first annual report on WNFS
Wellington North fire chief presents first annual report on WNFS
May 30, 2017
Arthur Enterprise News
Article by: Kris Svela
WELLINGTON NORTH - Wellington North Fire Service chief David Guilbault gave council its first official report on how the service operates, its manpower, and its training at the May 23 council meeting.
It’s the first time township council has received an annual report on its fire service which was officially joined together three years ago under the Wellington North Fire Service (WNFS) banner. The combined, volunteer force operates out of fire stations in Arthur and Mount Forest.
“The WNFS annual report provides information on fire prevention and public education initiatives, training and community involvement,” the chief pointed out in his report. “As well emergency response statistics are provided.”
Chief Guilbault pointed to fire calls to medical calls handled by Guelph EMS. According to the chief, about one-third of ambulance calls are responded to by the fire service and subsequently cancelled prior to firefighters arriving on the scene.
“When you’re responding to a third of medical calls and by the time you get the truck down the road they’re cancelling that’s not a good use of our resources,” Chief Guilbault said.
The chief said an agreement governing response to medical services will have to be “looked at” after it was last revised in 2012.
On fire prevention, the chief noted the service’s fire prevention officer, which has been a full-time position for the past year and has been busy making presentations in schools and at other public venues, conducting fire safety inspections and evaluating fire safety plans. Fire prevention officer Marco Guidotti, in a letter that was part of the annual report, credited the team work of firefighters and training with making a leader among emergency services and peers.
The chief also noted joint training between the Arthur and Mount Forest fire crews is now being conducted.
“We’re cross training,” the chief said. “It’s great team work.”
The chief also pointed out the commitment to the community by firefighters and fundraising they undertake for community causes.
Councillor Dan Yake thanked the chief for the report and thanked firefighters for their participation and work throughout the township.