Wasaga Beach buying new aerial truck for fire department

Wasaga Beach’s firefighters are getting a new ride.

Council has approved spending close to $1.4 million on a 2020 aerial truck. The sole-source purchase is being funded through the town’s capital asset reserve and development charge reserve funds.

The vehicle, from Commercial Emergency Equipment, is a demonstration model that fire Chief Mike McWilliam had a chance to check out during a recent stop by the company at the local station during a cross-country tour.

The unit would replace the department’s existing 25-year-old aerial ladder truck, which has a maximum reach of 65 feet. The new truck is equipped with a platform and can reach a height of 110 feet.

“It’s definitely what we need, and what our community needs, now and into the future,” McWilliam told council. “This is a great opportunity to get a replacement aerial at a reasonable price, and not have to wait the time to have it built.”

There’s also the safety aspect of having a platform versus an aerial, and the reach of the unit prepares the department for the taller buildings that are expected to be built in the community over the coming decade.
Council unanimously approved the purchase.