UPDATE: Injured firefighter released from hospital following 'serious' house fire in Aurora

A Central York Fire Services firefighter who was in hospital with minor injuries after a serious fire in Aurora Sept. 26 has been released. 

According to Assistant Deputy Fire Chief Claude Duval, he was released from hospital last night with minor injuries and be taking a little time off. 

At around 1:16 p.m., CYFS received a report of smoke in the area of Bathurst Street and St. John's Sideroad. 

CYFS received more calls from citizens, which helped them "narrow it down" to a residence on Hillary Place, deputy fire chief Robert Comeau told yorkregion.com. 

In total, six CYFS crews were dispatched to the scene. York Regional Police and EMS were also on scene. 

Upon arrival, assistant deputy chief Claude Duval said big flames and lots smoke were visible. 

One fire crew entered the residence and evacuated one female occupant who was inside at the time. 

She was not injured, Comeau said. 

As firefighters were on the top floor inside the burning home conducting fire suppression activities, applying water, walls and the ceilings were deteriorating, Comeau said, causing them to abandon, however on the way out, one firefighter was struck with materials from a partial collapse. 

The firefighter's helmet was knocked off due to the impact, Comeau said, and he suffered second-degree burns to his head. 

The firefighter was transported to Southlake Regional Health Centre in Newmarket, as a precaution, Comeau said, adding that he is glad "it wasn't more serious than it was."

The fire is under control, Duval told yorkregion.com over the phone, who was still in the hospital accompanying the injured firefighter.

The Office of the Fire Marshall was notified and was on scene investigating the cause of the fire, which remains unknown at this time. 

Richmond  Hill Fire and Emergency Services as well as East Gwillimbury firefighters gave mutual aid by providing coverage in Aurora.

Check back with yorkregion.com for any updates.

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