Smoke alarm alerts couple to fire in baby's room
Smoke alarm alerts couple to fire in baby's room
September 11, 2017
Hamilton Spectator
Article by: Carmela Fragomeni

Firefighters at a Saturday morning apartment fire at 264 King St. E. - John Rennison,The Hamilton Spectator

A working smoke alarm is being credited with alerting a couple with a baby to a fire in their apartment.
Firefighters rushed to the scene after a report of a fire on the ninth floor of an 11-storey apartment building at 264 King St. E. at about 9:52 a.m. Saturday.
They contained the fire to the one apartment and quickly extinguished it before ventilating the building to clear it of smoke.
The fire started in the baby's bedroom, which also had computer equipment and a desk in it, said Hamilton Fire spokesperson Claudio Mostacci.
"It looks like the fire started in a power bar, where electrical cords were plugged into the power bar."
The family was immediately alerted to something being wrong when they heard the smoke alarm and searched for the cause.
Mostacci said the baby was not in the room at the time. The couple and their child got out safely and are fine. The family cat, however, perished in the fire.
All of the residents of the building returned to their apartments, except for those who lived in the unit that caught fire. The Red Cross is assisting the family in finding alternate living arrangements, Mostacci said.
Damage is estimated at $85,000. The probable cause of the fire is electrical, said Mostacci, who added
that the family was able to get out safely highlights the importance of a working smoke alarm.
The Ontario Fire Code requires people to install a smoke alarm on every storey of their home, including basements. For more on fire safety, contact Hamilton's Fire Prevention offices at 905-546-2424, ext. 1380, weekdays between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., or go to