Scammers posing as Kitchener firefighters
CTV News

The City of Kitchener is warning residents about a phone scam where the callers claim they’re from the Kitchener Fire department.

They say the person the on the phone asks about fire and smoke alarms, inquiring about the last time the resident had them checked.

They then offer to schedule a service call and promise to come to the home.

The caller also asks if the resident is willing to make a donation to Kitchener Fire.

Deputy Fire Chief Rob Martin tweeted out a message to the community Thursday morning saying: “Firefighters around the world are regularly involved in benevolent activities. We are proud of the efforts the women and men of Kitchener Fire make to contribute to our community. It is through these events and tournaments that they raise awareness and money, not by phone solicitation.”

The city says the department never makes unsolicited calls to schedule smoke alarm checks and they do not make calls for donations.

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