Safety tips for those lighting fireworks in Cambridge, Kitchener and Waterloo
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There are only a few days every year where fireworks are allowed to be set off in Cambridge, Kitchener and Waterloo, and Victoria Day is one of them.

If you decide you want to have your own fireworks celebration over the Victoria Day weekend, Cambridge, Kitchener and Waterloo all have their own rules regarding fireworks.

In Kitchener and Cambridge, you can only light fireworks on Victoria Day as well as the preceding and following days. In the former, fireworks must be 25 feet from buildings.

In Waterloo, low-hazard recreational fireworks are allowed seven days before and after Canada Day.

The low-hazard list includes fireworks showers, fountains, golden trains, lawn lights, pinwheels, roman candles, volcanoes and sparklers.

Waterloo Fire Rescue has also released some safety tips for fireworks use ahead of the Victoria Day weekend.

“Victoria Day weekend is a great opportunity for family and friends to get outside and set off fireworks. Fireworks can be a lot of fun but can be dangerous if not set off in a safe manner,” Waterloo Fire Chief Richard Hepditch said in a statement.

Waterloo Fire Rescue says that only adults should handle the fireworks and to read and follow the instructions before lighting them.

They also suggest to keep a bucket of water or a hose at hand and to set them off far from any buildings, trees and dry grass.

If there are strong winds, do not light off your fireworks either.

Adults are also warned to keep a close eye on their kids when they let them use sparklers.

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