'The sacrifices we have been making are working': Scugog applauds downward trend in COVID-19 cases
The Star

A slight downward trend in COVID-19 case counts across the township has Scugog officials encouraged that ongoing restrictions and other measures are working as intended.

“There have been signs COVID-19 and the case curve is flattening in the township. This is good news,” said Scugog fire chief Mark Berney at the start of the April 26 evening meeting. “This means that the measures we have been taking and the sacrifices we have been making are working and must continue.”

According to the Durham Region Health Department, there were three new infections reported in Scugog on April 26, a day after no new cases were confirmed. As of April 27, there were 38 active infections in Scugog, with three residents being treated for the virus in hospital, but none in intensive care.

There were 107 active cases in North Durham as of April 27, down from a record-high 118 ongoing infections reported the previous weekend by the health department.

“In Scugog, we’re starting a little bit of a trend downward. We had a few very high days — days that I would suggest were peaks for us in Scugog just a few days ago,” said chief Berney, referencing to the 11 new infections reported April 21.

“I’m encouraged by the numbers,” said the fire chief.

He reminded councillors that some outdoor amenities — parks and trails, playgrounds and the Port Perry dog park — remain open while others, such as local marinas and boat launches, have been closed as part of the province’s latest lockdown to stem the spread of COVID-19.

However, some people have objected to those closures, said the fire chief, noting that signage and barricades installed by the township marking the restrictions have been removed.

“Although they may not be popular, these are in place to help remind the public of provincial orders and support the efforts to help minimize the spread of COVID-19,” said Chief Berney. “We ask the public to please be respectful and refrain from tampering with the barricades and signage. Everyone has a role to play in helping get through this pandemic, and we are doing our best to manage the situation and we ask (the public) to respect the efforts of the township.”

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