Project Breathe kits donated across Southern Huron County
Clinton News Record

Family pets in southern Huron County should be breathing easier now. Several fire stations are now stocked with respiratory kits designed especially for animals. The kits have been donated by Clinton Veterinary Service.

The Clinton fire station received the kits in early March, but now stations in Hensall, Zurich, Bayfield and Brucefield are also equipped.

There are now seven kits spread amongst the five stations, with the Central Huron station in Clinton maintaining three.

The Clinton Veterinary Service made a donation to the Farley Foundation, a charitable organization that provides free vet services, in the dollar amount of the donated masks. From this donation, three Project Breathe kits have been given to the Clinton fire department.

The kits will be used by firefighters to help ensure that pets such as dogs and cats don’t suffer from smoke inhalation.

Although the kits are mostly used for household animals they can also be used for smaller barnyard animals.

Huron Fire Chief Dave Renner said he’s thankful that the fire stations are now equipped with the kits.

According to Project Breathe, the program so far has saved the lives of over 200 family pets from fire and smoke inhalation. Over 25,000 kits have been distributed to fire departments.

The organization says its goal is to ensure that every fire station in Canada and the United States is equipped with the pet-sized oxygen masks.

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