Petawawa appoints Craig Proulx as Acting Fire Chief

Craig Proulx has been appointed the Acting Fire Chief for the Town of Petawawa.

He takes over for Fire Chief Steve Knott who retired at the end of June after a 46-year career as a firefighter in Petawawa.

Proulx says the former Fire Chief hired him back in 1996 and over the last 26-years he has worked his way into the role of Deputy Fire Chief and now Acting Fire Chief.

Proulx says he has been able to experience all aspects of the fire department including training, fire inspections, operations and administration.

Proulx says throughout his career some of the accomplishments he’s most proud of include launching the smoke alarm program with the Petawawa Fire Department, bringing in the firefighter survival and rapid intervention training and helping create the health and safety policy in Petawawa.

Proulx hopes to be hired on as the full time Fire Chief in Petawawa.

Proulx says he started on the job training to become a firefighter in 1996. The Acting Fire Chief took courses at the Ontario Fire College, went through an officer program, spent time at the Canadian Forces Fire and Chemical Academy and also has a background in fire prevention and engineering.

He says working as the Deputy Fire Chief for the last five years has helped prepare him to take on the position of acting Chief.


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