Oshawa firefighters on scene of second blaze today

Oshawa firefighters on scene of second blaze today
By Reka Szekely
Oshawa This Week
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Oshawa firefighters suspect a discarded cigarette may be responsible for a south Oshawa fire that destroyed a camper and shed on Friday.

Firefighters responded to 29 Keewatin St. S. just after 10:30 a.m.

“Crews got the call for a fire in the backyard, a camper in the backyard and the shed had caught on fire which was close to the house and they feared it was going to get into the house,” said Oshawa Fire Services deputy chief Todd Wood. “Station 4 from Harmony Road noticed heavy flames and smoke when they arrived, they pulled lines and started to extinguish the fire.”

The home’s occupants were not injured.

There was some damage to the house, with the heat melting siding. Wood said there was some minor smoke and water damage inside the house.

The fire department suspects the fire may have been caused by careless smoking.

“The homeowner had said she had a smoke 20 minutes earlier, fire prevention staff are on scene but it’s kind of looking like that,” said Wood.

This was the second house fire in Oshawa today. A fire on Anderson Avenue that broke out at roughly 6:30 a.m. extensively damaged a home. Despite the two fire, the deputy chief said Oshawa Fire Services has not had to ask for help from neighbouring municipalities.

“We’re still managing the city, we still have resources, they’ve been reallocated to different fire halls to cover the broadest area of the city.”

Wood reminded Oshawa residents to check smoke alarms and make sure they’re in working order.

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