One man 'badly burned' in Stouffville rocket-fuel explosion

One man 'badly burned' in Stouffville rocket-fuel explosion

By Jeremy Grimaldi, Stouffville Sun-Tribute
Published: March 28, 2016
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Two of the three employees injured during a rocket-fuel explosion last week have left the hospital and are convalescing, while a third remains.

And that man's prognosis is improving, the owner of Whitchurch-Stouffville's Cesaroni Technologies said.

Anthony Cesaroni told the Stouffville Sun Tribune this morning that emergency safety protocols worked as expected during a rocket fuel explosion at the business in the community of Gormley last Thursday.

"Everything was contained and everything functioned as it was supposed to," he said.

However he further added that the incident is under investigation and he cannot expand on matters.

Police said that both the fire marshal and insurance are investigating.

After the 10:30 explosion one man was airlifted to a Toronto hospital and Stouffville Road was closed, east of Woodbine, where the company sits.

A friend identified one of the injured men as Jeroen Louwers and said he is "badly burned".

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