Oliver Paipoonge forest fire still out of control
OLIVER PAIPOONGE, Ont. -- A forest fire in the municipality of Oliver Paipoonge is still considered to be out of control.
However, according to Aviation, Forest Fire and Emergency Services, the fire has decreased in size since Tuesday, dropping from 125 hectares to 97 hectares and it's not gaining appreciably in size.

AFFES said six crews worked the fire, known as Thunder Bay No. 8, on Wednesday, along with one fire engine and two helicopters. On Tuesday water bombers were employed, which helped slow the fire's advance toward Highway 102 and Dawson Road.

There are a total of 23 active forest fires in the Northwest Region, 13 of which are deemed to be not under control.  Two fires east of Kenora, near Willard Lake, are also out of control and estimated in size at 1,200 hectares and 2,000 hectares respectively.


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