Mitchell man and puppy safe after vehicle lands in West Perth creek

Perth County OPP and the West Perth Fire Department rescued a man and his puppy after the vehicle they were in ended up in a creek off Perth Line 29, near Perth Road 140, early Tuesday morning. Photo by Sgt. Laura Lee Brown, West Region OPP JPG, SF

Thanks to a quick response by area firefighters and police, a Mitchell man and his puppy are safe after his van landed in a West Perth creek early Tuesday morning.

According to Perth County OPP, the van left the roadway and ended up in the icy creek off Perth Line 29 near Perth Road 140 at around 6 a.m. Tuesday morning. Both the OPP and a West Perth fire crew arrived quickly on scene to rescue Steve Mohr – who posted photos and an update on the incident to his Facebook page later that day – and his puppy, Zeke, after the pair managed to climb onto the van’s roof.

“The vehicle was in the water and the occupant had got out of the vehicle and he was on the roof of his vehicle with his puppy. … So our crews, they were on the bridge above, they deployed their 35-foot ladder down to the gentleman, and he was able to climb up the ladder to the bridge,” West Perth fire Chief Bill Hunter said.

After ensuring Mohr had not suffered any injuries, Hunter said emergency responders called in a tow truck to lift the van out of the creek.


Though Mohr did not suffer any injuries, Hunter said the Mitchell truck driver was concerned about his canine companion and had intended to take Zeke to a veterinarian later that morning.

“Would like to thank everyone who wished us well. Zeke and I are doing well. No injuries to either of us,” Mohr wrote on his Facebook page later that day.

A spokesperson with the Perth County OPP said the incident is still under investigation and could not provide any additional details about how the van ended up in the creek.

Mohr has not yet responded to a request for comment.

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