Meaford, Inter-Township Firefighters To Carry Naloxone
Bayshore Broadcasting

Firefighters from the Meaford District Department and the Inter-Township will now carry naloxone kits.

This comes after Meaford Council passed a motion for the Mayor and Clerk to authorize an agreement between the Grey Bruce Health Unit and the two fire departments.

Naloxone is a drug used to counter overdoses brought on by opioids like Fentynal. Simply it blocks the effects of opioids.

Meaford and District Fire Chief John DeHooge feels this adds to the services firefighters can provide.

"No different than giving CPR during a heart attack, providing Naloxone, if that makes the difference, is what we are all about."

Currently any citizen can receive a Naloxone kit free from over 50 pharmacy locations in Grey and Bruce with pharmacists there to  teach proper use of the medication.

Currently Paramedics are able to administer Naloxone during an overdose as they tend to respond first to calls of this nature. This agreement will allow firefighters to be more broad with the range of medical calls they respond to.

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