'Mayday mayday': Firefighter falls through floor while battling house fire
CTV News

LONDON, ONT. - They are words that no firefighter wants to hear come over the radios.

A mayday was issued after a firefighter fell through the floor while battling an early morning house fire in the Oakridge neighbourhood in west London.

According to Platoon Chief Kirk Loveland the firefighter went through the main level upon entering the home.

The firefighter was able to hold on to his hose after going through the floor at which point the mayday was issued and additional units were called in to assist with the fire.

Crews were able to quickly extend a ladder down to the basement and get their colleague out.

The exact condition of the firefighter is unknown but fire officials say they were taken to hospital to be treated for minor injuries. 

Fire crews were called to 495 Oakridge Dr. around 6:30 a.m. for a reported house fire.

When firefighters arrived on scene they were met with heavy fire conditions in a multi-level home. 

Early reports indicate the fire may have started in the basement before spreading. 

The fire was so intense that crews were forced to take a defensive position while attempting to contain the blaze from spreading to neighbouring units.

According to officials the house was not occupied at the time as it was a new build. The owners of the unit were set to take possession at the end of January. 

There is no word yet on a possible cause, but an investigation is underway. 

Riverside Drive was closed between Wonderland Road and Warren Road.

Meanwhile the injured firefighter has been released from hospital. 


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